Telit IoT Solutions Allow Remote Access to Equipment in Over 100 Semiconductor Fabs

first_imgTelit has now completed their 100th installation of its secureWISE software platform in a 300mm semiconductor fabrication plant (Fab). As part of Telit’s IoT Factory Solutions, secureWISE has been providing secure remote IoT connectivity to tool manufacturers (OEMs) for the semiconductor industry for over 12 years. Telit’s IoT Factory Solutions focuses the company’s vision of connected factories, connected machines, and connected consumers and ties directly into its core IoT business. It currently connects more than $300 billion in manufacturing assets.The secureWISE software platform has been widely recognized as the de-facto solution for highly-secure remote access to semiconductor equipment. The software serves 18 of the top 20 OEMs and is used by every major integrated device manufacturer (IDM) and foundry to securely connect over 250 different tool types with their manufacturers. Connecting more fabs and OEMs than any other platform in the industry, it delivers secure, configurable end-to-end remote IoT connectivity across a closed, private network. secureWISE allows fabs and OEMs to remotely collaborate in ways that improve equipment performance at every stage of the process and lifecycle while protecting valuable intellectual property (IP).Major semiconductor tool makers have introduced high availability service models that are tightly embedded into their machines installed at the fabs. OEMs are now able to use IoT and remotely collect data, to analyze, fix – as well as predict – any problem with their machines on the semiconductor production floor from any global location. They can offer immediate service and support from subject matter experts to the fabs. In turn, these new service models result in improved uptime and higher reliability of production tools.The secureWISE e-Centre server gives a fab full control of how, when, and what tools can be accessed, assuring that the OEM doesn’t have any unauthorized direct access to production tools. Furthermore, these built-in role-based access functions give fabs a detailed audit trail with comprehensive reporting and business analytics of all activities.Spanning the globe, secureWISE is rapidly extending beyond 300mm fabs with new deployments across 200mm fabs, flat panel displays, solar and other manufacturing facilities.last_img read more

Siklu Gigabit Radios to Deliver Advanced mmWave Network for Smart City Applications in the UK

first_imgConnexin, an award-winning Smart City Infrastructure operator and builder, has now announced a commercial investment in support of a high-bandwidth network infrastructure in the City of Bradford. The City of Bradford is the 4th largest metropolitan district in England, located in West Yorkshire. With a population of more than 1.5 million residents, the city is the sixth-most populous local authority district in England.The Connexin investment is to support future applications such as high speed Fibre Wireless Access (FWA), Public Safety, Smart Traffic Management, Smart Waste Management, City Wide Public Wi-Fi Network and more. All of this serves to help fuel economic development, social inclusion and provide residents and businesses with a safer, better place to live and work.A key challenge with so many services to be supported was to implement a single, city-wide network that can provide enough capacity for all these services today, as well as the ability to easily scale up the capacity as more connected devices and locations are added, it needs to be IoT and Smart City ready. While fibre is a core portion of the Bradford citywide network, it doesn’t have the ubiquitous coverage needed, a limitation that can be remedied with the addition of mmWave wireless.Connexin was looking for a wireless solution that would perform like fibre but without the enormous up-front trenching costs and problematic timeline indicative of fibre deployments. They needed a fast, full duplex gigabit service with extremely high reliability and low latency. With high scalability and low latency in mind, Connexin sought to move to a reliable wireless network for its future infrastructure, replacing its dependence on leased fibre with its costly monthly fees.Connexin first started using Siklu mmWave wireless fibre in Bradford City to provide business broadband connectivity and the vast majority of the network is built on Siklu technology. Connexin and Siklu currently provide Public Wi-Fi backhaul to thousands of businesses everyday. This long and successful partnership has proven to Connexin that Siklu are a key technology partner for building intelligent city-wide networks.Sixty EH-1200 series Gigabit radios were deployed to serve as the backbone for the wireless network. Connexin engineered the mmWave links so that each exceeds 99.99% reliability at distances of up to 3.2 Kilometers. A minimum of 100 Mbps was needed, with the ability to scale up to gigabit/sec connectivity was required and Siklu delivered. In addition, the very nature of mmWave networks virtually eliminates interference concerns inherent in all 5 GHz products.With the Siklu infrastructure, businesses can be connected to reliable high-speed broadband within 24 hours. Adopting mmWave wireless deployment methodologies covering the entire city centre took a mere few months. The ability to expand networks seamlessly to adapt to the needs of a city is crucial. By using Siklu’s mmWave wireless to complete the mid-mile distribution they don’t have to wait for permits to dig up roads and the disruption during integration of new hardware is limited. Since deploying the Siklu solution in January 2018, the city infrastructure is fast, reliable and stable and is no longer competing with the many 5 GHz wireless networks in the city centre area.Connexin are currently at the build out stage of a network which is planned to cover the majority of Bradford. Siklu links are currently fed from core sites of the city centre network and the strategy is to expand the network outwards and complete the project within 3 to 5 months’ time. Due to the positive impact that the Siklu solution has had on the network capacity and stability, Connexin is now planning to deploy additional radios to replace many of the city’s existing 5 GHz backhaul links with Siklu’s mmWave solutions.Siklu’s radios have helped the Bradford business centre to transform its network from one that was previously affected by congestion and interference to one that is fully functional regardless of wireless communications in the city centre area. Should Connexin seek to expand or strengthen the network further in the future, it can do so incrementally by adding additional Siklu radios as needed, benefiting from the infinite scalability inherent to mmWave wireless technology. Siklu is building urban resilience providing rock solid mmWave broadband connections up to 10 Gbps, which cities and businesses can rely on and scale up in the future.last_img read more

Lady Tams overcomes Bombers in V-League

first_imgWith the win, the Lady Tamaraws moved up to second place in Group A with 3-1 win-loss slate.Pons, a native of Negros Occidental, was held out from the match as she represented the country in the 29th Southeast Beach Volleyball Championship at the Palawan Beach in Sentosa, Singapore.“Mabuti na lang at nag-respond ang mga bata kahit wala si Pons,” said Lady Tamaraws head coach George Pascua. “Sa mga crucial na sitwasyon kasi siya ang pinupuntahan namin.”The Lady Tamaraws seemed headed to an easy win in the opening set but was forced to a deadlock by the Lady Bombers. With the score tied at 26-all, Basas scored back-to-back points to clinch the set.The Lady Tamaraws, however, was not much threatened in the second and third frame as it quickly jumped to an early lead on hits by Basas, Domingo and Villareal before preventing the uprising of the Lady Bombers.Maria Shola Alvarez top-scored with nine points for the Lady Bombers, which formally bowed out of contention for the playoffs round after suffering its fifth consecutive defeat.In the other match, San Sebastian College Lady Stags ended its elimination round campaign on a bright note following a 25-15, 24-26, 25-16, 25-23 domination over College of St. Benilde Lady Blazers./PN[/av_textblock][/av_one_full] [av_one_full first min_height=” vertical_alignment=” space=” custom_margin=” margin=’0px’ padding=’0px’ border=” border_color=” radius=’0px’ background_color=” src=” background_position=’top left’ background_repeat=’no-repeat’ animation=”][av_heading heading=’ Lady Tams overcomes Bombers in V-League ‘ tag=’h3′ style=’blockquote modern-quote’ size=’30’ subheading_active=’subheading_below’ subheading_size=’15’ padding=’10’ color=” custom_font=”]BY ADRIAN STEWART CO[/av_heading][av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”]Saturday. September 30, 2017[/av_textblock][av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”]MANILA – Far Eastern University Lady Tamaraws remained ferocious sans star Bernadeth Pons. It scored a 28-26, 25-14, 25-16 win over the Jose Rizal University Lady Bombers in the Premier V-League Collegiate Conference at San Juan Arena.Toni Rose Basas led the way with 15 points while Celine Domingo and Jeanette Villareal had eight markers apiece.last_img read more

Intip Prosedur Cabin Cleaning Pesawat Ala GMF Cegah Covid-19 di Pesawat

first_imgAkan tetapi, perlu dicatat, filter HEPA bekerja hanya saat pesawat sedang beroperasi, bukan saat pada posisi non operasi. Oleh karenanya, partikel atau patogen berbahaya yang dibawa oleh penumpang dan tertinggal di pesawat perlu ditangani dengan baik, sebelum pesawat tersebut kembali digunakan melayani penerbangan penumpang.Sesuai arahan Kementerian Kesehatan dan Karantina Kesehatan Pusat Bandara Soekarno Hatta, setiap operator dan provider harus melakukan tindakan khusus pada semua pesawat terbang sebagai langkah pencegahan penyebaran virus Corona. Tindakan khusus tersebut dapat diwujudkan dengan rutin melakukan upaya kebersihan pesawat, baik untuk pesawat yang sudah aktif maupun yang masih standby.Arahan tersebut biasanya disikapi maskapai dengan cara berbeda-beda, ada yang menangani prosedur kebersihan pesawat sendiri dan ada pula yang ditangani oleh pihak kedua. Salah satu perusahaan yang kompeten menangani prosedur ketat di dunia penerbangan, termasuk kaitannya dengan ini, adalah GMF- Aeroasia.Dalam mencegah paparan Corona di pesawat, anak perusahaan Garuda Indonesia itu melakukan perawatan PROLONG MAINTENANCE yang di dalamnya terdapat item-item kebersihan dan kondisi general interior-exterior serta menjaga serta mengontrol kelembapan udara (dengan memberikan silica gel).“Prolong Maintenance tersebut dilakukan secara periodicaly sesuai dengan ketentuan yang telah disepakati dengan masing-masing customer. Hal tersebut dilakukan agar kondisi pesawat tetap terjaga (safety) dan selalu siap apabila sewaktu-waktu pesawat tersebut digunakan,” bunyi keterangan tertulis yang diterima itu, disebutkan, untuk pesawat-pesawat yang statusnya standby, seat cover dan cushionnya juga dilepas dan disimpan dengan baik. Pada saat pesawat akan digunakan untuk terbang kembali, GMF-Aeroasia akan menyiapkan minimum dua hari sebelumnya. Dimulai dari kebersihan cabin, exterior, hingga pemasangan cushion.Baca juga: Tak Semua Kabin Pesawat Dilengkapi Filter HEPA, Apakah Aman dari Covid-19?Tak lupa, proses pembersihan kabin pesawat dilakukan dengan menggunakan prosedur disinfeksi ketat, untuk mencegah penyebaran virus Corona di pesawat, baik terhadap awak pesawat maupun penumpang.Teknisnya, untuk pesawat widebody, GMF biasanya mengerahkan lima orang petugas kebersihan. Adapun pesawat-pesawat narrowbody, perusahaan hanya mengerahkan tiga orang petugas untuk membersihkan secara bertahap dari mulai kabin, kokpit, ruang kargo, dan bagian-bagian pesawat lainnya yang banyak disentuh petugas dan penumpang.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedJadi ‘Kebanggaan’ Maskapai di Masa Pandemi, HEPA Ternyata Tidak Membuat Kabin Pesawat Bebas Corona!09/06/2020In “Featured”Tak Semua Kabin Pesawat Dilengkapi Filter HEPA, Apakah Aman dari Covid-19?26/06/2020In “Domestik”Setelah Batik Air, Giliran Lion Air Pastikan Semua Armadanya Telah HEPA Ready12/08/2020In “Domestik” Petugas kebersihan GMF tampak sedang melakukan perawatan PROLONG MAINTENANCE yang di dalamnya termasuk proses disinfeksi ke seluruh bagian pesawat. Foto: Alpin/KabarPenumpang Pesawat umumnya diklaim bebas dari patogen berbahaya semisal MERS dan Covid-19 berkat adanya filter HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Filter). Filter HEPA adalah salah satu komponen pesawat yang berfungsi untuk menyaring partikel dari udara dengan diameter sekitar 0.3 mikrometer dengan tingkat filter micron rating yang sangat tinggi (high-efficiency).Baca juga: Jangan Lupa Cuci Tangan Selesai Bersihkan Ruang Pribadi di Kabin PesawatDalam kondisi normal, kurang dari separuh udara dari kabin masuk ke filter ini dan kembali tersirkulasi. Menurut dokumen manufacture, dengan spesifikasi demikian, filter HEPA mampu menyaring virus MERS dan Covid-19.last_img read more

Skilak Lake Road Closed Due to Wet, Saturated Materials

first_imgFacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Skilak Lake Road is considered impassible to traffic and has been closed by the Department of Transportation. Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Manager Andy Loranger said that both ends have been closed and DOT crews are working to improve it. The refuge was notified early this morning that Skilak Lake Road would be closed. Loranger said it is not uncommon for roads located throughout the refuge to have soft spots during spring breakup.center_img Loranger: “Lots of that work is done in stages because they have to go back, areas that tend to go bad they move material around, get it to the surface and dry it out but then they have to either go back to that spot or fix an adjacent spot so it’s not unusual for that to happen. So I’m not sure how long the crews that are out there now might be, I’m not sure if they’ll be done today, done tomorrow, that sort of thing.” The Department of Transportation will update the conditions and reopening of the road through read more

FIFA encourages pay-cut deals

first_imgFIFA is providing global coordination with competition organisers to provide flexibility to ensure that coronavirus-derailed seasons can be completed with as little financial turmoil as possible.While FIFA does not set the dates of domestic or continental club competitions, the governing body does oversee the implementation of two transfer windows during the year in each country.A FIFA task force has been exploring the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and has backed flexibility in shifting the transfer windows, extending player contracts to allow seasons to be completed, and encouraging salary-reduction agreements.A final decision will be made by the FIFA Bureau, which includes the presidents of the six regional confederations.UEFA has already determined that competitions in Europe can run beyond the June 30 cut-off for player contracts. POSTPONING GAMES Cost-cutting is under way at many clubs and federations to deal with the financial impact of games not being played. National team matches that were scheduled in June and July have already been postponed, including the European Championship and Copa America.England coach Gareth Southgate agreed to a 30 per cent cut on his reported annual salary of £3 million during the coronavirus outbreak. The English Football Association also announced yesterday that the pay of senior management would be reduced by 15 per cent and those staff earning 50,000 pounds or more per year would take a temporary pay reduction of 7.5 per cent. Serie A clubs want players to accept a pay cut equal to four months of salary if the season does not resume, reduced to two months if the current campaign is completed. But the Italian players’ association has not yet signed off on the deal.The players’ union in England is in a standoff with the Premier League clubs over a push to implement 30 per cent reductions.The FIFA task force is hoping that clubs and players work together to help to protect jobs given the significant loss of income being experienced, with the leading competitions suspended since last month.Players in some European countries are eligible for state-backed unemployment insurance programmes to cover some of their wages.last_img read more

The President of Barcelona explained the situation with Messi and Lautaro…

first_imgBarcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has acknowledged that talks on Lautaro Martinez’s transfer have stalled and vehemently denied that Leo Messi will join Inter next year.The Catalans have long wanted to recruit the Argentine Nerazzurri striker as Lucy Suarez’s replacement, but negotiations are not going smoothly at the moment.“We are talking to Inter, but at the moment everything is stagnant. Our focus now is only on the Champions League, “Bartomeu told Mundo Deportivo.Meanwhile, Blaugranas captain Leo Messi has been heavily linked with a move to the San Siro, as his contract expires in less than 12 months. Speculation was heightened by the fact that the Argentine’s father bought a house in Milan.“Messi has said several times that he wants to end his career in Barcelona and we have no doubt that he will renew his contract. I have a very close relationship with him, as well as with all the captains of the team, “added the president of the Catalans. Follow us anywhere and anytime with the mobile application of You can download it from Google Play, App Store and AppGallery.last_img read more

Ghanaian striker Tetteh leaves Sparta and goes to Malatyaspor to visit

first_imgBenjamin Tetteh from Sparta rejoices at the goal in the Slavia derby, which the referee did not recognize immediately after consulting with the video referee. | photo: ČTKlast_img

Barcelona Launches Global Streaming Service

first_imgThe streaming service will be available worldwide in three languages, Spanish, Catalan, and English. It will have free and subscription tiers.Variety reported that the service would feature live and delayed matches, along with 3,000 videos and 1,000 hours of content. In addition to matches, the service will feature documentary shows, including one called “Dare to Play” about the Barcelona women’s team. There will even be an animated fiction series called “Talent Explorers.”On the club’s website, it claims 350 million online followers, making them “the current world leaders in digital.”The service will cost about $44 a year in U.S. dollars, though the club admits, to Variety, that the new service is “not perceived as a revenue earner so much as a branding communication channel,” and that building “big data on audience segments and preference” is a part of the strategy.“FC Barcelona want to remain a benchmark club both on and off the pitch and continue to be the leading sports entity in the generation of revenue,” Oriol Tomàs, the club’s Vice President of Commercial Area, said in a statement.“With this in mind, the creation of this new digital products ecosystem opens up a new way of doing business for us, which we hope will become one of the main sources of regular income for the club in the coming years, helping us to continue growing and remain competitive in an increasingly sophisticated environment.”Barça TV Plus is believed to be the first streaming service ever offered by a specific sports club, although many sports teams in the U.S. have either partial or complete ownership of regional sports networks (RSNs), which also combine live games with vintage games, documentaries, and other team-specific content. Barcelona already Barça TV, its own basic cable station, in Spain.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram FC Barcelona are planning to begin a global streaming service as the La Liga restart the disrupted 2019/20 football season on June 11.The Spanish La Liga is one of the first major sports leagues to return after the coronavirus pandemic shut down all sports activities since early March.According to ESPN, Barcelona as one of the most accomplished football teams in the world, will also offer something new when it comes back: A new streaming service called Barça TV Plus.last_img read more

Garcelle Beauvais to join tenth season of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

first_imgFreeform/David Bukach(LOS ANGELES) — Garcelle Beauvais is ready to shake up the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills franchise.Bravo has announced that Beauvais has joined the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast for its 10th season. This makes the actress the first black woman to be added to the popular spinoff.“I am excited and proud to be joining the cast of such a wildly popular and beloved show like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the Sirens star said in a statement. “As a working actor who has been in the industry for some time, it’s exhilarating to have the opportunity to delve into a new chapter in the entertainment spectrum.”She continued, “As the first African-American Housewife in the Beverly Hills franchise, I am honored and humbled by this awesome opportunity to exemplify the fact that Black Girl Magic lives and thrives in every zip code!”Beauvais joins party planner Sutton Stracke, who was also announced as a new cast member.The two new additions are said to be friends of Lisa Rinna, who is also returning to the series, alongside Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp, Dorit Kemsley, Erika Jayne and Denise Richards.Beauvais added that she’s excited to share her life and struggles as a working mom on the reality series.“The hustle is R-E-A-L! No games, all heart and a little dash of fashion-filled sass is what you’ll get when you step into my sphere…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!” she said.The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to return to Bravo in early 2020.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more