first_img“The standards may not have gone up or are going up “The standards may not have gone up or are going up slowly. There may not be a bunch of players coming up from say Spain, France, Germany, Nertherlands etcetera. These countries federations need more funds,” said the former badminton great. “In USA they are trying (to popularise) by holding World Championships. In Australia, tournaments have been upgraded but players have not come up. Lack of funds is one of the major reasons for not able to develop the sport the way they want.” Prakash, a fine exponent of net dribbles in his prime, concurred with the view expressed by another former shuttler, Anil Pradhan, that after the introduction of point-a-rally in the game, the number of strokes played has come down. “Stroke-play has come down to a great extent. Now they only smash. They like to be on the attack most of the time as they are not confident. If you clear (toss high) or play a defensive stroke you may lose the point. “To some extent its true and taken some sheen off the game. But its evolution of the game, like in cricket where you have T20 now. You have to adapt and players are doing so.” PTI SSR DK AH AH PTPlast_img

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