The Beauty Products Amy Schumer Can’t Live Without Are . . . Secret Deodorant and Toilet Paper

first_imgAMY SCHUMER talked about her beauty “regimen” in a new interview with “In Style” magazine.Here are her six best quotes . . .1.  She wears normal-person deodorant.  Quote, “I use Secret.  I tried the natural ones, but my body was just like, ‘Stop all that.  Just die early and don’t smell like a foot.”2.  She also said the one “beauty product” that she can’t live without is . . . toilet paper.  She didn’t name a brand, but she’s pretty down-to-Earth, so it probably isn’t any of that posh, aloe-infused, eight-ply, perforated by hand, fair trade, gluten-free nonsense.  (???)3.  She doesn’t know if she’ll get Botox or filler.  Quote, “I’m not against it.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never get any sort of surgery, but no proclamations.“I cannot imagine a moment when I’ll need filler for my face, as if it needs to be filled.  Can we un-fill this?  Let’s get an emptier.”4.  Her parents raised her to be confident.  Quote, “My parents made me think I was a genius supermodel, and it was kind of too late when I found out that they’d been lying.”5.  But her confidence has been challenged by fame.  Quote, “I’m also realistic because if I look my absolute best and go to an awards thing, I’m still going to be seated next to Blake Lively or Emily Ratajkowski.  So, that can break your heart or you can be like, ‘This is pretty good.  I’ll take this level.’”6.  She’s been with her boyfriend Ben for almost a year and a half, but they can’t ALWAYS be together.  Quote, “I need a lot of alone time.  Right now, I’m getting my period, and I just don’t like him, you know?  My PMS is no joke.”For what it’s worth, Amy is on the cover of the magazine, wearing a one-piece bathing suit.  It’s low-cut, and she looks great.  But of course, that didn’t stop the trolling.A woman named Dana Duggan who owns a company called South Shore Swimwear made this hurtful comment . . .  Quote, “Come on now!  You couldn’t find anyone better for this cover?  Not everyone should be in a swimsuit . . . I don’t think it’s an attractive photo.”last_img

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