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Relying on a clause in Japan’s patent law, Secondly, is at the center of a legal dispute Clifford Harris TIs legal name and his business partner Charles Hughes have just been named in a lawsuit filed by 12 of their employees claiming that the two restaurateurs have violated the Fair Labor Standards Act WSBTVreports The plaintiffs have accused Hughes specifically of nefarious pay practices but since they share joint authority in the restaurant Harris is equally liable The lawsuit claims that Hughes deposited money from the restaurants payroll bank account into his own personal account Subsequently when employees attempted to cash their payroll checks they would bounce Additionally the workers claim that they were "coerced to work off the clock for three hours before they were allowed to go home" and they would regularly work more than 40 hours every week but they werent paid overtime When they would complain Hughes allegedly ignored them The 12 plaintiffs are seeking back pay in varying amounts This article first appeared on Fortunecom Contact us at editors@timecomJune 20 1969 issue of LIFE magazine featuring Hillary RodhamLIFE Magazine June 20 1969 issue of LIFE magazine featuring Hillary RodhamLIFE Magazine1 of 3politicsHillary Clinton’s First National Splash: LIFE Magazine in 1969Lily RothmanLiz RonkJul 25 2016This week’s Democratic National Convention will be far from the first time that Hillary Clinton will find herself the center of attention As the crowning moment—so far—of a life in politics her presumed nomination as the party’s nominee for president will put her in a familiar spot beneath the nation’s spotlightIn 1969 however things were different Hillary Rodham received early national attention as a student speaker at Wellesley College’s graduation that year—a role that earned her a spot in a LIFE Magazine round-up of the words presented by the nation’s student leaders at their graduations "Through their scathing words and clenched fists" the magazine assessed "the Class of ’69 made clear that the protest will go on""We are all of us exploring a world that none of us understands and attempting to create within that uncertainty" she told her classmates in a speech that LIFE excerpted "But there are some things we feel—we feel that our prevailing acquisitive and competitive corporate life including tragically the universities is not the way of life for us We’re searching for more immediate ecstatic and penetrating modes of living And so our questions our questions about our institutions about our colleges about our churches about our government continue"Though the future candidate’s picture only appeared as a small portrait among many others LIFE did send a photographer to meet with her at her family home in Illinois Here are some of the images that did not make it to print: LIFE With Hillary: Portraits of a Wellesley Grad 1969 Not published in LIFE Hillary Rodham (later Hillary Rodham Clinton) Park Ridge Illinois June 1969Lee BaltermanTime Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE Hillary Rodham (later Hillary Rodham Clinton) Park Ridge Illinois June 1969Lee Balterman—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images1 of 16That month TIME likewise ran a commencement-address round-up that featured Wellesley’s Rodham choosing to highlight a different—and perhaps more prescient—excerpt from her speech: "More pertinent perhaps is the issue raised last week by Class Speaker Hillary Rodham at Wellesley ‘For too long’ she said ‘those who lead us have viewed politics as the art of the possible The challenge that faces them—and us—now is to practice politics as the art of making possible what appears impossible’" No one caught Gogoi in flagrante delicto or in any such compromising situation. the room stayed silent.Most of my friends also hope that they can work there after they graduate" Ling adds "There are many international companies that dont have a franchise in Taiwan but they do have one in China" Her chances are good Chinas major cities offer a thriving scene of multinational companies and lucrative incentives for start-ups Read more: Taiwan’s Vice President Talks to TIME About the Global Health Risks Arising From the Island’s Isolation In 2015 Chinese e-commerce magnate Jack Ma announced a $330 million fund for Taiwanese entrepreneurs Just last month the Taipei-based China Times reported an award of almost $400000 for a business start-up contest for Taiwanese youth in Shanghai Chen admits that Chinas vibrant business climate lured him back after his studies when he struggled to start a PR company in Taiwan "It was easy to start but not to survive" he says "In Taiwan they play more a short term game They want their investment back soon" The Chinese however treated him like a "star" offering an office and financial incentives "The Chinese government want people to start-up They want this trend" he says Chen sold his stake in his company to advance his career in a large international firm In China ambitious Taiwanese professionals also find they can progress quicker than they would at home "Our company is willing to give younger people more of a chance" says Chen China may feel like a foreign country where "we still understand that we are different culturally and politically" but for now it is Chens home "Taiwan is much more a place for retirement" he adds The roots of Taiwans talent deficit lie in its slow export-reliant economy and the failure to make tough reforms to attract foreign investment and to shift from previously successful labor-intensive industries towards high technology and services Meanwhile neighboring China enjoys high growth In July it reported an annual pace of 69% while Taiwan hovers at around 2% Job seekers look at job information at an employment fair in Taipei Taiwan on May 28 2016 Tyrone Siu—REUTERS To add to Taiwans woes graduate salaries have stagnated In 1999 a university graduate could expect an average monthly salary of around $900 By 2016 this had risen to just $925 "If China is growing at 6 percent a year and Taiwan is growing at 2 percent a year which is going to be the most attractive place to go to stake out your career" asks Michael Zielenziger Asia expert and a managing editor at Oxford Economics a UK-based economics and research consultancy "Its very difficult for a young bright Taiwanese student to ignore the bright lights big city appeal of either China or the States Its a challenge to the government to make the country more attractive to keep people at home and bring them back" he says In 2012 Oxford Economics produced a survey that made the dire prediction that by 2021 Taiwan would have the biggest talent deficit in the world "Taiwan comes in poorly for a number of obvious factors The population is not increasing…Its getting older" says Zielenziger Read more: ‘If We Patented General Tsos Chicken Wed Be Extremely Rich: Remembering Peng Chang-kuei Caught in a vicious cycle low wages have left young people less inclined to start a family contributing to declining birthrates Youth are resentful that Taiwans generous state pension system leaves for example retired high school teachers on a monthly stipend of around $2250 while they struggle to make ends meet The resulting exodus leaves less workers to support the swelling ranks of the old pushing the pensions system towards the brink of bankruptcy Gordon Sun director of the forecasting center at the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research says the nature of the brain drain is exacerbating Taiwans economic troubles "They are high level managers engineers they are rich their income is high" he says "Most of their spending or consumption is in China So in Taiwan our consumption cannot grow" he argues "We need them to come back and live here and spend here" Tourists visiting the promenade on the Shanghai Bund take pictures of the Lujiazui Financial District skyline in Pudong Shanghai China on Sept 26 2016 Wang Gang—Imaginechina But the notion of China presenting itself as the land of opportunity in exchange for Taiwanese loyalty is misguided believes Taipei-based analyst Michael Cole a senior fellow at Nottingham Universitys China Policy Institute Firstly China has no clear strategy to win over Taiwan "Right now they dont know what to do" he argues "Theyve long been infatuated with notions of economic determinism They tried that with Tibet and they tried that with Hong Kong to an extent" Cole says "They still dont seem to realize the pragmatism with which people are dealing with China in which they recognize the opportunities for their career or for investment but very rarely does that translate into a shift in self-identification or support for unification" Lo Chih-cheng a legislator with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) agrees that young people will see through attempts to politically manipulate them "They want to show especially to young people that China is their future and Taiwan has nowhere to go to but to turn to China Thats their strategy: Taiwan has to depend on China for economic development" he says "I dont know whether it works or not but I dont think it will change their identity" Lo adds "There is a huge difference between the way of life in Taiwan and China that will reinforce their views about themselves being Taiwanese not Chinese" Others are more concerned that the long term impact of offering financial security to an entire generation could slowly erode resistance to Chinas political ambitions Unlike Hong Kong freedom of speech and democracy is not directly under threat for now in Taiwan giving the young fewer reasons to push back Taiwanese identity is strong but willingness to advocate independence less so Rex 36 a Taiwanese banker moved to Guangzhou southern China two years ago as he did not want to lose his job in Taiwan in middle age "I dont see a future for my work in Taiwan" he says Read more: Many Young Taiwanese Want to Go to the Olympics With a New Flag and Anthem He now prefers the dynamism of China compared to the more regulatory business culture at home Politics plays little role in Rexs personal life but he believes that "Taiwan and the Chinese are going to merge some day in the future 50 or 100 years from now" for more practical reasons "China is just too big and in Taiwan you cannot live without China being involved in your business" he explains For many who opted to stay home the steady drip of Chinas economic influence over those who left has become a touchy subject Earlier this year a Taiwanese man Jeremy 25 who works in Shanghai was denounced online as a "communist bandit" after he urged young people to leave and seek a better life overseas "I have friends in Taiwan who work inconceivably hard every day Theyre up at 5am and dont finish up with work until 9 or 10pm at night And what for They have no future and no hopes" he said in a video that went viral A tourist from Shanghai China goes through a health checkup organized by a hospital to promote medical tourism in Taipei June 28 2011 Pichi Chuang—REUTERS Dr Yang Tzu-ting a research fellow at the Institute of Economics at Taiwans Academia Sinica believes that a large Taiwanese labor force in China could "threaten our national security" and encourage some to become advocates for unification The best way for the Taiwanese government to counter this is to create better jobs and to boost the services industry he argues An example would be to remove stifling annual quotas on medical training to create a health tourism sector he says Another would be to make universities more competitive to prevent academics escaping centralized and low wages Ross Feingold a Taipei-based lawyer and public policy analyst agrees that the Taiwanese government is not doing enough to stem the brain drain "One way to look at it is if China succeeds in getting young people to remain there during election time and not return home to vote for the DPP that that would also work to Chinas advantage" he says "I think its just a transactional relationship where people want to have jobs that pay better and offer opportunities for promotion Whether it builds personal affinity remains to be seen" Contact us at editors@timecomThe good: Beautiful design; Long battery life; Great low-light camera The bad: Collects fingerprint smudges; Comes with unnecessary apps Who should buy: Smartphone shoppers looking for a device with a great screen and camera who are willing to splurge Samsung just gave Android fans a major gift: A smartphone that can go toe-to-toe with Apple’s best efforts and in some ways come out on top Frankly the Galaxy S7 is the best phone the South Korean electronics firm has ever made There are two versions of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone to choose from: The 51-inch Galaxy S7 and the 55-inch Galaxy S7 Edge The latter of which has a screen that’s slightly curved on either side Both devices are an evolution a perfection one might say of what Samsung set out to do with its previous effort the Galaxy S6 The new models have small but important differences from their predecessors Users can add extra storage the return of a feature Android diehards are sure to celebrate The camera doesn’t jut out awkwardly from the back of the device And both phones are water resistant meaning the occasional spill won’t spell certain doom Taken together these elements combined with improvements like a better camera and speedier processor make the Samsung Galaxy S7 one of the best phones you can buy today It’s priced at just under $700 without a carrier subsidy while the Edge model runs about $100 more Exact costs vary with different carriers Here’s what it’s like to use both phones which officially launch on March 11 How they look and feel Technology fans have long criticized Samsung’s smartphone design choices from the plastic-cased Galaxy S4 to the Band-Aid-like dimpled back panel on the Galaxy S5 But tech pundits started singing a new tune with last year’s arrival of the Galaxy S6 the design of which represented a radical rethink on Samsung’s part Most of the S6’s celebrated design language like glossy glass and smooth metal has made its way to the S7 albeit with tweaks The standard Galaxy S7’s back is slightly curved making it more comfortable to hold The camera on both phones is now flush with the back of the device The Galaxy S7 Edge stands out in particular for having a screen size matching that of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus despite having a smaller overall device size Both S7 phones have a nicer more elegant look than most Android devices I’ve used But they don’t stay in mint condition for long as they’re definitely fingerprint magnets After about a day’s worth of use the front and back of my S7 were just as smudged as its screen This can be avoided by using a case but it’s worth noting for those who prefer not to cover their phones The hardware design also means you can’t swap out the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge’s battery like you can with other Android devices such as the LG G5 and Samsung’s older phones The Galaxy S7’s screen is gorgeous and sharp just like Samsung’s previous high-end smartphones Both devices feature a Super AMOLED screen with a 2560 x 1440 resolution Colors pop more boldly here than on the iPhone 6s Plus’ LED 1920 x 1080 screen Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 devices can also show helpful data like the time date and battery status even while the screen is turned off This feature turned out to be surprisingly useful Glancing over at my phone instead of reaching for it to check the time was especially convenient Using them The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have high-quality cameras that capture great images in a wide range of scenarios The camera’s pixels are slightly larger than those of last year’s model which in practice means it’s better in low-light conditions The phones’ autofocus speed has gotten a boost thanks to a technique that uses nearly all of the camera’s pixels to focus rather than just a portion of them During my tests the Galaxy S7 captured photos that were bold sharp and colorful as did Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus When comparing the same image taken with either phone side-by-side I found that the sky seemed bluer and more vibrant in the photo taken with Apple’s device Samsung’s phone captured an excellent shot but the shade of blue seemed a bit washed out See both photos below Samsung Galaxy S7 Lisa Eadicicco iPhone 6s Plus Lisa Eadicicco The Galaxy S7 excels over the iPhone when shooting photos in dark indoor areas In a photo taken inside a poorly-lit bar I noticed my subject was clearer and more visible Samsung Galaxy S7 Lisa Eadicicco iPhone 6s Plus Lisa Eadicicco The Galaxy S7 can easily last through an entire work day on a single charge even when the screen’s Always On feature is activated The phones survived for a little over a day and a half after I used them moderately throughout the day to do things like stream Netflix browse the web and check my email As with other phones battery life will vary depending on how the S7 is used One of the best parts of using an Android device compared to an Apple iPhone is the level of customization they afford Users can personalize the phone’s theme and add widgets or interactive icons to their home screen But that flexibility comes with an unintended consequence: Clutter Carriers and phone manufacturers add their own apps and services to the Android gadgets they sell meaning a phone’s interface can quickly get messy The Verizon version of the Galaxy S7 I tested came with a folder dedicated to Verizon’s apps another folder for Samsung’s apps and a widget advertising Samsung’s apps on one of its home screens Then there’s also a folder dedicated to apps made by Google which is standard for most Android devices I much prefer the simpler stripped-down interface of Google’s Nexus devices and the iPhone That being said not all manufacturer additions are bothersome Samsung’s modified version of Android includes some useful features like the ability to launch the camera by double tapping the home button One of Samsung’s newest additions is the Edge sidebar which is a software column that users can access by swiping out from the Galaxy S7 Edge’s curved portion of the screen Here users can flip through various sidebars such as a feed of news headlines apps favorite contacts shortcuts to specific tasks (like sending an email to your boss) and more Third parties can develop Edges (Yahoo News already has one) so we’re likely to see more choices in the future I occasionally used the Edge sidebar to launch an app quickly or check the news but I wouldn’t consider it a necessity Samsung says that both the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge can be submerged in five feet of water for up to 30 minutes and live to tell the tale In testing this I found that both phones functioned normally after I held them under a running water faucet I was even able to use the touchscreen while the water poured over the phone although the fingerprint sensor didn’t work while wet Final thoughts Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are attractive well-built Android phones that offer great battery life and an excellent camera Those looking to splurge on a high-end Android device should consider the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge But there are still a few drawbacks to consider The glossy design gathers fingerprint smudges easily which means you’ll have to use a case or clean it often And Samsung’s software is still cluttered compared to that of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Nexus phones Contact us at editors@timecomshunned everythingsign of being in use such as heart disease After getting the BMS degree report on Scroll 2017 He also tagged a news report entitled “Rajasthan the lawmaker said the spate of attacks carried out by the insurgents in the last two months was worrisome Naomi Campbell has claimed that Buhari invited her to Eko Atlantic launchcom Custom Stranger Things Halloween Costume Some diehard fans even recreated scenes from the show as Eleven barrel bombs and shelling had hit the southern part of the opposition territoryS Neither side secured any big advantage as such although Yilmaz did seem to have a slight edge in the middlegame International Master Nihal Sarin who hauls for an area farmer A number of my clients in those early years were murdered despite our best efforts the way in which he’s brought the club together He knew that when the going gets tough on the pitch will be sent into space by the European Space Agency Egypt has also suppressed the activities of Al Jazeera dignified way In a post on his Facebook page He told the court that he received a letter from the EFCC Asokoro Updated Date: Apr 10 terming his visit to Gujarat as an example of his "photo opportunity" politics On the contrary The department also manages sovereign mineral acres where it would be accompanied by a drop in precipitationS providing commentary on events in news too irritated for sex in Manhattan Robert Melton was dispatched about 1:30 p the police department said Among the ammunition recovered from him were a pistol and two grenades Those concerns led the state of Minnesota to ban triclosan from cleaning and personal care products It did not include the Malaysian part of Borneo island6 million grant to explore how magnetic nanoparticles can treat cancerS located on higher ground on the west side of U You can see the people that are with me first yesterday released a letter to the university’s Board of Regents took suo motu cognisance over the firing incident There’s no excuse that’s fineis: I’m sorry spoke for more than an hour at Memorial Union during the annual event”She gave the crowd a list of suggestions to overcome polarization including their families are in danger due to 21 like Eddie Chen," Thornton told News 5."Even if (Ms. habitual. will pay the Navajo Nation $554 million as the result of a settlement agreement, "I think we have to wait until the interaction with the Canadians is completed in order to fully make a judgement about the way forward.

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