Drawing a line…

first_img…against drug criminalsA couple of decades ago, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Colin Powell, outlined the strategy the US military would be using to go after the Iraq forces in the quest to remove Saddam Hussain  from power. “First we are going to cut it off, and then we are going to kill it.” That was it!! You couldn’t be more direct than that, could you?Well, right here in Guyana, our own Brigadier General David Granger, now President of Guyana and Commander of our Disciplined Forces, made some pretty simple and direct statements when he announced his strategy to take on the drug lords here. “There are a few criminal people who are holding us back, and I am going to find them and put them away.” Pressie was in Lethem, where another airstrip had been uncovered – this time with an aircraft that was clearly being used to fly in cocaine and other drugs that were later smuggled into the States.Now we have to notice the difference between the statements of the two generals – Powell used the pronoun “we” – referring to all the US forces, but Pressie said “I”, meaning himself. Now your Eyewitness knows that Pressie – at the age of 78 – isn’t going to be running out there Rambo-style to take out the bad guys. What his language means is he’s taking this Guyanese “war on drugs” very personally.But we have to remember that even with the greatest army, air force and navy the world had ever seen, the US wasn’t able to finish the Iraq war — which for all intents and purposes is still ongoing. In that conflict, the Iraqis were motivated by their nationalistic and religious ideologies that have seen them morph into all kinds of entities that aren’t bound by borders or battle zones. We’re living in an age of “total war”.And it is for this reason it’s unlikely that even Pressie’s more personalised threat will lead to the elimination of drug trafficking through Guyana. In the wars on drugs, the combatants are motivated by one of the most destructive forces on planet Earth today – money-fuelled greed. Money in such quantity that the human mind cannot comprehend so many zeroes following the number 1!The US, with its NSA satellites in the sky, CIA assets on the ground, and Special Forces with helicopters – not to mention local forces in Colombia – weren’t able to win the war on drugs.Why is it that Pressie thinks it’ll be any different here? Maybe he should set his sights on capturing those four escaped killers?…on CSEC subjectsThe kid from Queen’s who just passed TWENTY-FIVE SUBJECTS at CSEC is sure to unleash another round of debate on how many subjects candidates ought to be allowed to write. Former Education Minister Roopnaraine represented the old guard who believed that eight subjects or so were just about enough. Interestingly enough, Roopnaraine was also from Queen’s, and in fact won the Guyana Scholarship that sent him on to Cambridge University.What these folks misread is “dis time na lang time” and kids are much more exposed to a host of other sorts of info that needs to be assimilated. In the scholarly community, they talk about two kinds of intelligences represented by the “fox and the hedgehog”. The Fox knows a little bit of many things – but the hedgehog knows a lot of one thing.The 25-subject-kid put it well…what he did isn’t for everyone, but those who feel they could do it shouldn’t be barred.The 21st century needs as many foxes as it can produce.…on wandering kidsYour Eyewitness just found out that most of the kids who end up at Onderneeming’s ironically named “New Opportunity Corps” were brought in under some archaic English law against “wandering”.Imagine kids being inducted into a course of criminal behaviour just because they “wandered”!!last_img read more

Lifesaving Gardaí and hero chef honoured at Irish Water Safety Awards

first_imgThree Donegal gardaí and a quick-thinking member of the public have been honoured for selfless acts of bravery at this year’s Irish Water Safety Awards.Rescuers involved in two dramatic near-drowning incidents in Donegal featured in the annual awards on Wednesday.Garda Cormac McClafferty, Garda Dermot Kenny and Garda Michael McHugh received prizes at Dublin Castle for saving a man’s life at Buncrana pier. Niall Cosgrove PhotographyOn the 8th of May 2016, a man got into difficulty in the water. The quick-thinking trio of gardaí immediately made a human chain and swam out to the man, who was going under the water due to cold shock.The gardaí eventually reached the casualty and pulled him back to the pier to safety. He made a full recovery.Another local award recipient was Gerard Lally, Head Chef at the Great Northern Hotel in Bundoran.Gerard Lally. Niall Cosgrove PhotographyGerard became a hero by chance when he saved two lives on Sunday the 27th of May 2018. He was on his lunch break when he saw three people in difficulty in the water at Roguey Point. Lally, who is a skilled swimmer and surfer, rushed to help the adult, a teenager and an 11 year-old boy in the water.Lally instructed both the teenager and the young boy to grab hold of a ring buoy he was able to bring them both to shore, where he stayed with them until the ambulance services arrived and subsequently took over.Meanwhile, the Bundoran RNLI had arrived and assisted the adult and successfully brought him to safety. All three made a full recovery.Thirty-six lives were saved from drowning by all the rescuers honoured at the Irish Water Safety’s National Annual Awards Ceremony.Mr Seán Canney TD, Minister of State at the Department of Rural & Community Development presented the Seiko Just in Time Rescue Awards and said: “It is an honour to pay tribute to these courageous recipients. Tragically an average of 127 people drown in Ireland every year and although that’s 127 too many, the figure would be even higher but for the dramatic efforts of these individuals who saved others from drowning and the ongoing work of Irish Water Safety volunteers teaching swimming and water rescue skills.” Long-Service Volunteer Awards were also presented to 63 volunteers, recognising a combined total of 1,315 years of service teaching swimming, water rescue and survival skills in communities nationwide.Minister Canney appealed to all adults to make themselves more aware of the dangers of drowning.He said: “It only takes seconds for tragedy to strike and this can so easily be avoided if people learn about the hazards and take personal responsibility for their own safety. I ask that people encourage friends and family to read Irish Water Safety’s guidelines at www.iws.ie so that they have the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to avoid becoming a drowning statistic.”Lifesaving Gardaí and hero chef honoured at Irish Water Safety Awards was last modified: November 30th, 2018 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:buncranabundoranirish water safety awards.last_img read more

10 Tips for Creating Accessible Content for Your Website

first_imgAt last month’s 3PlayMedia webinar on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Janet Sylvia, Web Accessibility Group Leader at the University of Georgia, gave an introduction to web accessibility and offered 10 tips for creating accessible web content. Here are my notes from her presentation.Use page titles, headings, and semantic structure on your pages. Use the title tag to provide a descriptive title for the page. All web web pages need an h1 which should be similar to the title tag.Sylvia recommends using the Web Accessibility Toolbar (Internet Explorer only) to evaluate page structure, headings, and table code. You can also use the Firefox Web Developer add-on or WAVE Evaluation Toolbar extension on Chrome.Use descriptive link text. Text used in links should make sense out of context. Avoid “Click here” and “Read more.”Include ALT text for non-text content. Alternative text provides a clear concise description that conveys function, meaning or purpose of the image.Create accessible documents. Ensure your PDF, Word, and Excel documents are accessible.Create accessible multimedia. For audio, include a text transcript. For video, include video description.For video with audio, include captions, text transcript, and a video description. Don’t auto-play video. Let the user be in control of sound.Auto-playing when a page loads can be annoying for all users, especially for screen reader users who navigate by listening. Ensure JavaScript is device-independent. Use an event handler that works with both the mouse and the keyboard.If using device dependent event handlers, test across browsers and assistive technologies (see WebAIM Accessible JavaScript article for more info. Ensure keyboard accessibility. Often overlooked, keyboard accessibility is easy to test.Unplug your mouse, and user your Tab and Enter keys to navigate a page. Make sure your site has sufficient color contrast. Have a high contrast color scheme between foreground and background colors.Tools to check color contrast include Colour Contrast Check by Jonathan Snook, Color Contrast Analyzer by The Paciello Group, and my favorite way to check colors, Check My Colours.Add an accessibility statement and contact information. Include information on whether your site complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and conforms to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.Include contact information (email and phone number) as well as details on when requests will be answered (within 24 hours or one business day). If you can design a website, you can design an accessible one.I liked the webinar because it focused on basic steps everyone involved with web content could follow. When we talk about making content accessible on the web, we can get too detail-oriented. Focusing on the basics will encourage people to build accessibility into the projects from the beginning.Do you have any tips to share on making web content accessible? Share your suggestions in the comments. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…Related10 Ways to Improve Accessibility on Websites and Social MediaWhen I chatted about accessibility with other attendees at WordCamp Denver 2018 this weekend, I shared some of my tips and blog posts on how they could improve accessibility on their websites. After one conversation, they thanked me for the recommendations, and asked if I had a summary post that…In “Accessibility”WordCamp Columbus: Accessibility RoundtableAt our WordCamp Columbus 2014 session today, my friend Jacki Keys and I will be talking about web accessibility, simple steps you can take to improve accessibility on your WordPress website, and some tools for testing your website’s accessibility. Here’s a few of the things we’ll discuss: The web is…In “Accessibility”Takeaways from Online WordPress Accessibility WorkshopAt this month’s full-day Online WordPress Accessibility Workshop hosted by Knowbility, Robert Jolly shared his experience and knowledge as he discussed the current status of WordPress accessibility and explained the accessibility features built-in to the popular content management system. In addition, Jolly offered practical advice and tips to content writers,…In “Accessibility”last_img read more

‘No room for complacency on crime’

first_img9 February 2012Despite recent successes, the government will guard against becoming complacent in the fight against crime in the country, President Jacob Zuma assured South Africans on Thursday.Delivergin his State of the Nation address to Parliament in Cape Town on Thursday, Zuma said the government would forge ahead with programmes that ensured that South Africans felt safe and were safe.“The crime statistics for the period 2010/2011 indicate that our country witnessed a decline of 5% in the number of reported serious crimes compared to the previous year. We will, however, not become complacent,” he said.The government would not let up on the fight against corruption either.“The Multi-Agency Working Group on procurement led by the National Treasury, Sars and the Financial Intelligence Centre is reviewing the entire state procurement system to ensure better value for money from state spending,” the President said.Initiatives aimed at achieving this include the vetting of supply chain personnel in government departments.Security will also be improved through the memorandum of understanding signed between the Department of Home Affairs and the banking industry that will see an online fingerprint verification system rolled out at participating banks.The system will assist in fraud prevention and detection.Zuma also welcomed the Corruption Watch initiative launched by trade union federation Cosatu and the recent agreement between government and business to implement anti-corruption programmes.“These interventions will complement the work of government in combating corruption,” Zuma said.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Exhibit Hall Insights from #SHRM14

first_imgI spent much of the day Monday roaming the HUGE exhibit hall at the 2014 SHRM Annual Conference. This was by design as my previous venture to SHRM in Chicago ended before I could make it all the way through. For those thinking that I missed out on educational opportunities by not attending sessions, you are mistaken as the 2014 exhibition hall has numerous educational opportunities.First, there are some “official” learning opportunities at stages set up by SHRM with a set schedule of demonstrations and short talks. These are focused on technology and can provide a good overview of a product’s features and usability. This doesn’t even count the new “SmartStage” that made its debut this year with 20 minute talks on a variety of subjects with some of the best minds in HR.Several large booths have their own presentation spaces and also schedule times with industry leading speakers providing information on a variety of topics. These provide great opportunities to ask questions in a more intimate setting than can be found in the concurrent sessions at such a large conference.Finally, many vendors provide great education just through conversation. While having fun and creating conversation is intended to generate leads, the vendors who attend this conference are frequently well informed and willing to engage in information exchange. Even when not necessarily interested in a product or offering, a few minutes chatting with a vendor can provide information to take back to our organizations or prompt new thinking on an old problem. Don’t be afraid to talk, even if there no use for a product or service. I learned about a recruiting strategy for a large public school system from an immigration assistance group. Although I do not intend to reach out to foreign teachers, the information shared started me thinking about an approach that I could use for harder to fill teaching positions.A few other random thoughts that occurred to me while roaming:  There are numerous companies offering to create employee engagement programs for your company. If you need an outside company to do this, you’re doing it wrong.  Creativity with booth themes attracts attention. I see this at every conference I attend yet so few vendors are willing to go outside the traditional banners and information on a table. While budget can certainly play a role, a little bit of outside the box thinking can be cheaply and attract attention.  Why was there a booth selling aloe cream?  Yes, many booths had giveaways of Coach or Michael Kors purses. The target audience is clear and in many cases, disappointed that they didn’t win.  Kudos to the SHRM booth for having extra padding under the carpet. Relief for the feet.  If you’re going to use the scanner to collect leads, please take a few moments to learn how to use it. I showed two different vendors how to use their scanner. You’re welcome!The nice person at CareerBuilder asked me if I wanted my picture on their roller coaster. I laughed, said of course, and waited for a real coaster. I did come up with the staged picture below before referring them to RollerCoasterHR.com. To read the original blog post, please click here.last_img read more