How to Quickly Embed a Twitter Timeline on Your Website

first_imgSummaryRather than using a third-party service or plugin, Twitter makes it straightforward to add a Twitter timeline to your site in five quick steps. I’ve used plugins in the past to add a timeline to WordPress sites, the Twitter publish tool is so much easier. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedHow I’m Migrating My Storify StoriesWhen Storify announced in late 2017 they were closing down, I wasn’t too surprised. I had been an early adopter of Storify, using it to curate events, talks, and conferences since 2011. Storify had a drag-and-drop interface that made it easy to add tweets, Flickr photos, posts, and other online…In “Blogging”10 Ways to Improve Accessibility on Websites and Social MediaWhen I chatted about accessibility with other attendees at WordCamp Denver 2018 this weekend, I shared some of my tips and blog posts on how they could improve accessibility on their websites. After one conversation, they thanked me for the recommendations, and asked if I had a summary post that…In “Accessibility”5 Tips for Promoting Your Website LocallyAfter months of planning and hard work, you’re thrilled to launch your website. Your web designer created a great-looking site that’s easy to use and works well on desktop and mobile. Your site’s been submitted to search engines, Google Analytics installed, and Google Webmaster Tools set up. You’re not ready…In “Web design” In the past, adding a Twitter timeline to your website required you to log in to your Twitter account and connect it/provide permissions to a third-party plugin or service that provided the special code to add to your site.Or you would log into your Twitter account to create a widget to add to your site. And hope that the code provided would work on your site. Neither option worked well if you were a designer or developer creating a site for a client. You needed to walk your client through the steps to get the information. Or ask your client for their Twitter login credentials. Thankfully, Twitter has made it a lot easier to embed Twitter on your site.No more setting up a third-party service or logging into a Twitter account! Use Twitter Publish to Embed Twitter Timeline on Your WebsiteUsing the Twitter Publish tool, you can quickly get the embed code to add to your site. Here are the steps:Visit the Twitter Publish toolEnter the full URL for the timeline you want to embed. I entered my Twitter URL: the display option you prefer: Embedded Timeline or Twitter Buttons. I selected Embedded Timeline.If you want, you can configure customization options for color, size, default link color, and language.The Twitter Publish tool displays the code you need to copy and paste into your site, along with a snapshot of how the timeline will display.last_img read more

HR Intel: Gig Economy Clashes with Traditional Labor

first_imgIs Uber’s recognition of the Independent Driver’s Guild (IDG) in New York a step in the right direction or an evil red herring? It depends, of course, on which lawyer you ask.One the one hand, lawyers for the IDG say the agreement with Uber will guarantee drivers monthly meetings to raise concerns, create an appeals process for driver termination decisions and provide legal services and benefits to drivers at discounted rates.Some view this agreement as a positive development – the forging of an unlikely and unsteady alliance. The agreement will provide some protection for drivers while also helping Uber stem the flow of litigation. Uber also gains an ally in its attempt to repeal a New York law taxing “black car” rides 9%, but which exempts traditional yellow taxi cabs.On the other side of the debate, we have Senator Elizabeth Warren, who says the “gig economy” is merely a symptom of the erosion of worker rights over time. Taking on-demand taxi gigs is a sort of last-ditch effort to create economic security and autonomy by workers who’ve been marginalized and squeezed by corporate America while all the wealth flowed to the top. She may have a point.To be fair to Uber, unionizing gig economy workers is really difficult. It starts with the mentality of such workers, having watched as their influence over wages at the corporate level dissipated steadily over the years and as traditional trade unions were pushed out. Union membership rates have been declining consistently for about 50 years. And during that time, wages for the vast majority of Americans remained stagnant while the C suite got paid. About that, Senator Warren is correct.Now, however, workers have the technology to fight back. They can use apps like Uber and Lyft to provide transportation, Miniluxe or Shortcut to provide onsite hairstyling and even source temporary staffing apps like Shiftgig and TaskRabbit to find short-term jobs. They can choose their own wages, essentially, by choosing how often they want to work. The catch, of course, is that workers who want both the flexibility and the money are hung out to dry when they have a medical or financial crisis because their “employer” doesn’t provide health insurance. Not to mention, the lack of a practical, portable retirement savings account (in the absence of employer-sponsored 401(k)s for contractors) means those workers may be left hanging in retirement as well.The other catch is that being a contractor (employee?) for one of these companies means your choices about work are going to be very personal. The amount of individual control workers have over these apps and their work schedules makes it very difficult to get them to agree on broad labor terms, let alone specifics like benefit plans or wages. That makes it extremely impractical and difficult to get them to band together and that is why the formation of the IDG and its recognition by Uber is a big development, albeit on a small scale.As usual, the solution is a compromise and perhaps a reimagining of some labor regulations to reflect modern working conditions. Uber drivers are not, after all, gathering at some shady parking lot in downtown San Francisco at 5 a.m. every day to wait for work. They’re scanning smartphones for gigs in their downtime between hipster beard trimming class and Yoga.Senator Warren says there should be three major objectives for policy makers, legislators and worker unions in trailblazing the gig economy’s path when it comes to labor regulations:         Improve the safety net by providing catastrophic insurance coverage,         Make healthcare benefits portable; and         Make retirement benefits portable.Those goals remain lofty and far off for now as the IDG won’t do much of that for Uber drivers in New York. But Uber’s recognition of the IDG is a small, tentative step in the right direction.Discrimination NationColleen Dominguez’s sex and age discrimination suit against Fox Sports 1 (FS1) will proceed to trial after the employer’s motion to dismiss the case on First Amendment grounds was denied. FS1 argued that it withheld assignments from Dominguez based on its right to craft its own programming message, but according to the court, that argument completely misses the point of the lawsuit. If crafting a corporate message results in the marginalization of individuals based on their sex or age, it’s still illegal.In this case, Dominguez claims she was asked to get an “Erin Andrews makeover” (complete with a facelift and hair extensions). This was in addition to numerous other comments and critiques about her physical appearance, issues which were not common with male or younger female colleagues. Now that the case can proceed, that will open up the “discovery” phase, during which time lawyers for Dominguez may get to see exactly what FS1 had to say about her when it chose not to let her cover big assignments like the 2015 Super Bowl, for example. Uh oh.Good news for employers that have faced frivolous or otherwise “unreasonable” EEOC lawsuits. In CRST Van Expedited v. EEOC, the Supreme Court held that the employer may recover up to $4 million in attorney’s fees from the EEOC after defending itself against a charge of systemic sexual harassment. During the investigation and resulting lawsuit, the EEOC (allegedly) failed to make witnesses available for depositions and otherwise allowed the statute of limitations on claims to expire in some cases.In these types of situations, attorney’s fees may be recoverable, but something tells me that pretty much every single employer that has ever been sued would view the lawsuit as “unreasonable.” Tread carefully when seeking attorney’s fees as it’s immensely difficult to prevail on those types of cases and you will accrue additional attorney’s fees in the process of trying to collect them. Gotta love lawyers!Compliance CarouselNew York State is suing Domino’s (corporate) together with several Domino’s franchisees, claiming that they collaborated to underpay workers by about $565,000 in 10 different stores. To bring corporate Domino’s into the case, the state will have to make the “joint employer” argument which means proving allegations that corporate Domino’s micromanaged employee relations issues at the franchisee level.The “ignorance of the law” defense rarely, if ever, works in court. In Craig v. Bridges Bros. Trucking, the 6th Circuit ruled that ignorance of FLSA regulations did not excuse an employer’s failure to pay proper overtime. The district court had ruled in the employer’s favor because the employee in question had failed to notify her employer about the missed overtime payments. The 6th Circuit found, however, that the employer likely knew about its overtime pay obligation to the employee because of some internal communications about capping her work hours.How is this song related to HR?In the last edition of HR Intel, we asked you how “Candidate” by Joy Division is related to HR. This song is very much about politics, but you don’t need much experience in the modern work setting to know that politics are hyper-relevant. Not only do people bring their political persuasions into the workplace, but office politics add a whole other layer of complexity.Candidate is about the struggles that go on between individuals or groups with different value systems and ultimately, a recognition that we’re all different and unique, yet we have similar objectives in that we need to work together. Sounds like something relatable to HR.We leave you with “Burn the Witch” by Radiohead from their new album: A Moon Shaped Pool.Tell us how you think this song is related to HR in the comments section below.Originally posted on the XpertHR blog.last_img read more

Congress demands Gadkari’s resignation in Rajya Sabha

first_imgNitin GadkariThe Rajya Sabha witnessed a ruckus on Friday as opposition parties led by Congress demanded resignation of Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari for alleged irregularities in a company owned by him.A report of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has named Gadkari as one of the “promoters and/or directors” of Purti Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. that was sanctioned a loan of Rs 84.12 crore by the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) in violation of guidelines.The issue was raised during zero hour by Congress MP Shantaram Naik, who said the minister must resign.”Opposition parties demanded resignation of our ministers time to time… now Nitin Gadkari has to resign,” said Naik.Congress MP Anand Sharma said the government was accountable on the issue.”This is a serious matter…the present ruling party when they were in opposition would stall the house until the action was taken… I am saying on behalf of opposition this issue cannot be confined to zero hour, there should be accountability,” said Sharma.Congress members then started raising slogans demanding the minister’s resignation.Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said the allegations were “baseless”.”Congress party has become a confused party… these allegations are baseless,” he said.In the din, Deputy Chairman P.J. Kurien adjourned the house for 10 minutes.When the house reassembled, Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad again raised the issue.”This is not a question of allegation against a member; it is a CAG report… On CAG reports on earlier occasions number of heads have rolled. The BJP government inside and outside house is talking about transparency and corruption. Also in the same breath it is talking about stains (of corruption) during UPA government. Here there is a proven case against a minister who had to resign because of the same reason as president of BJP… the party may maintain he did not resign… He has been indicted he cannot continue as minister even for a day,” said Azad.advertisementThe ruckus continued despite several pleas from the chair and the house saw another brief adjournment before question hour.The scene was no different in the question hour and Chairman M. Hamid Ansari adjourned the house for 10 minutes, then for 15 minutes, and finally till 2.30 p.m.last_img read more

Scorpio Tankers Widens Net Loss

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license Monaco-based tanker owner Scorpio Tankers wrapped up the first three quarters of this year with a widened net loss.Impacted by challenging market conditions, the company suffered a net loss of USD 172.4 million in the nine months ended September 30, 2018, compared to a net loss of USD 116.7 million posted in the same period a year earlier.In addition, Scorpio Tankers’ net loss for the quarter ended September 30, 2018, stood at USD 71.7 million, against a net loss of USD 36.9 million seen in the corresponding three-month period of 2017.From June 2018 through October 2018, the company closed on agreements to refinance a total of 41 of its vessels through a series of bank loans and lease financing arrangements raising USD 321.7 million of new liquidity, after the repayment of the existing secured debt related to these vessels.In September and October 2018, the company entered into an agreement to retrofit 23 of its LR2s with scrubbers. It also signed letters of intent with suppliers, engineering firms, and ship repair facilities to cover the purchase and installation of scrubbers on substantially all of its remaining owned and financed leased LR2, LR1, and MR tanker vessels  — approximately 67 vessels — between Q2 2019 and Q2 2020.The scrubbers and their installation are expected to cost between USD 1.5 and USD 2.2 million per vessel, and the company anticipates that between 60-70% of these costs will be financed.In October 2018, the company raised estimated net proceeds of USD 319.7 million in an underwritten public offering of 182.2 million shares of common stock.Scorpio Tankers currently owns or finance leases 109 product tankers with an average age of 3.2 years and time or bareboat charters-in 13 product tankers.last_img read more