Deloitte report urges Canadian companies to be more courageous about diversity

MONTREAL — Canadian business leaders need to take “courageous” actions to make sure their companies are more diverse and inclusive in order to remain competitive amid demographic and technological changes in the workplace, according to a new report released Wednesday.“Actions taken by many firms to date in the areas of diversity and inclusion have delivered more optics than outcomes,” says a Deloitte study advocating the benefits of building more inclusive organizations.After decades of progress, the country has been stuck in neutral, struggling to advance traditionally under-represented groups such as women, visible minorities, those with disabilities and indigenous people, especially to the most senior levels of organizations, it said.Deloitte Canada CEO Frank Vettese described it as a “perfect storm of forces.”Global competition, disruptive technology and powerful demographic change are pushing companies to do more to maximize the impact of their people in the workplace.“We see inclusion as not only something that is critical for the individual… but it’s actually the smart thing to do for business,” Vettese said.The professional services firm had lengthy conversations with 25 senior Canadian executives — about half of whom were women or visible minorities. It found that business leaders view Canada’s diversity as a competitive advantage for companies and the country.Deloitte said a 2016 survey of 1,300 business leaders linked superior financial performance with retaining employees of different backgrounds, skillsets and mindsets.But fundamentally changing the business culture to become truly inclusive is hard to do and can be frustratingly slow, said the 44-page report.Only 11 per cent of Canadian companies could be considered courageous and Deloitte is not among them, although it outlined efforts taken to improve its ranking.Canadian women account for 35 per cent of managerial positions and much fewer board directors while the disabled, indigenous people and immigrants are underrepresented in the workforce. Visible minorities held just 4.5 per cent of director positions in the top 500 Canadian companies by revenues.The report called for companies to be bold and move beyond “colourful window dressing” and pursue real outcomes.That’s especially attractive to millennials, who will account for 75 per cent of the Canadian workforce by 2025.About 47 per cent of millennials consider diversity and inclusion as important job-search criteria, said the report. That compares to 33 per cent of Gen X and 37 per cent of baby boomers.“We’re in a very critical war for talent,” said Vettese. “We need everybody involved and included in our business environment for us to have a chance to succeed and moreover a chance to truly be prosperous.”Some companies are making efforts.The Toronto Raptors has hired women in several key roles in a league that is a leader in diversity and inclusion among pro-sports franchises.Canada’s largest retirement fund manager is pushing to have more women on corporate boards, voting 34 times this year against directors who chaired board’s nomination committees that failed to include women as candidates.Canada Pension Plan Investment Board chief executive Mark Machin said diversity makes for better business decisions.But a long list of top Canadian firms remain holdouts, prompting Ontario Securities Commission chairwoman Maureen Jensen to say it might be time to strengthen its measures to get more women on board.Vettese said imposing a one-size-fits-all requirement will make it harder to foster the required cultural transformation in organizations.“Even though progress I would say has stalled somewhat over the last decade, I actually think that we’re at the beginning of seeing some very substantive movements.” read more

YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul draw in fight dubbed the biggest

The time 16-24 year-olds spend watching television each week plummeted by 12 per cent in 2017, while 16-34-year-olds now spend just under an hour a day watching YouTube, according to Ofcom.Nine out of 10 people aged between 12 and 15 also now use the platform.But critics have blasted the “grudge match” for setting a poor example to young people.On Saturday afternoon, as a blacked-out car approached the back entrance of the arena, teenagers were seen encouraging each other to shout “she’s a ho” if Mr Paul’s girlfriend Chloe Bennet, stepped out. Big hitters: Youtube stars KSI (left) and Logan Paul go face-to-face at the weigh-in for their boxing match at the Manchester ArenaCredit:YOUTUBE “If the only check is a button that can be clicked on by anyone whatever their age then we don’t consider this to be adequate protection,” the chief executive of children’s charity Kidscape Lauren Seager-Smith told the Telegraph.“What we are urging them to do is to find a balance between commercialism and child protection.”Additional reporting by Charles Hymas Youtube stars KSI (left) and Logan Paul Coral took more bets than in 90 per cent of yearly boxing bouts, following months of build-up, during which the pair traded blows like “your head is the size of a watermelon” and rapped insults at each other in “diss tracks”. Hardly anyone over the age of 30 was watching, but millions logged-in for the biggest amateur boxing match of all time at the Manchester Arena on Saturday evening. In a sign of how cultural power is shifting online, the battle was shown on YouTube rather than a major television channel.Young people holed themselves up in their bedrooms to watch the drama unfold on their phones and laptops, as televisions gathered dust and parents went about their business, oblivious.In what is being billed as “the biggest internet event in history”, YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI – who have 37 million subscribers between them but no professional boxing experience and don’t work for traditional entertainment outlets – fought it out in the live-streamed event.The fight, to the immediate disappointment of some fans online, was declared a majority draw, after both men failed to land heavy blows over six rounds. KSI has also been heavily criticised in the past for making misogynistic comments about women in some of his videos.The platform has come under equal scrutiny for its failure to tighten its flimsy age-restriction measures for the 18+ event, despite the YouTube pair’s legion of young fans. Logan Paul in action against KSI Credit:TOM JACOBS/Reuters YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul drew Show more Speaking after the fight, KSI, said: “There’s only one thing to do, a re-match”.The showdown was expected to make at least £115m thanks to a £7.50 pay-per-view charge.Some fans splurged hundreds on a ticket to see KSI (real name Olajide Olatunji), a 25-year-old Londoner who has rocketed to social media fame by recording himself playing video games tussle with the 23-year-old American “goof comedy” vlogger Paul. Earlier this year, half-a-million people signed a petition to get Paul banned from YouTube after he posted a video featuring footage of a dead body, while exploring Aokigahara forest, a notorious suicide spot in Japan.YouTube temporarily suspended Paul’s sponsored ads, and the star later posted a video apology and pledged $1m (£750,000) to suicide prevention charities.He has since posted videos in which he tasers dead rats and parachutes naked out of an aeroplane.“The companies making money out of this event are showing a complete lack of integrity and should cut all connections with him. YouTube’s association with Logan Paul is is hugely problematic,” said Chris McGovern, chairman of the pressure group, Campaign for Real Education. YouTube declined to comment on how much money it will generate from streaming the event.Paul and KSI, who already have a combined net worth of more than £15 million, will also take an undisclosed cut.It is not clear whether fans recording and streaming the match for free various on platforms and online channels – including on YouTube itself – will dent the number of paying viewers.A rematch in the United States is already slated for 2019.The fight reflects a dramatic shift in viewing habits, as young people move away from broadcast television and towards internet streaming, and Youtubers become household names to rival Hollywood stars amongst the young. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. In a press conference attended by the two fighters in July, KSI made lewd comments about Ms Bennet, and also called Mr Paul’s father “disgusting”.   “Some of the abuse and gutter level chat in the build-up was disgraceful,” said James Mildred from the charity CARE.“It’s no exaggeration to say this event could well incite violence and poor behaviour as those watching copy what they see.”Questions have also been raised about YouTube’s decision to broadcast an event featuring the platform’s most controversial star. YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul drewCredit:Tom Jacobs/Reuters Logan Paul in action against KSI  read more

Sample preparation new Claisse instrument LeDoser™

first_imgClaisse is introducing its new instrument that has been specifically designed to weigh and dispense borate flux with high precision. It is way more than a weighing device: it is an indispensable tool to ensure efficient sample preparation laboratory management. It eliminates human calculation errors and fatigue during the weighing process for increased accuracy and reproducibility.In addition to leading to a more efficient use of the operator’s time during the weighing process, it increases their safety by decreasing the risk of operator injuries caused by repetitive tasks.Moreover, the three available weighing modes (sample-to-flux ratio, catch weight, and absolute weight ) provide a seamless integration in laboratory standard operation procedure.The tank stirrer option provides constant performance for high and low throughput.LeDoser industrial grade balance is made from cutting-edge weighing system technology for robustness.LeDoser instrument includes an intuitive touchscreen interface that makes it very user-friendly.The smart flux flow software control ensures constant yield and maximized weighing speed. There are even no calculations needed to determine the flux weight in relation to sample quantity!LeDoser instrument can save up to 80% of the weighing time. Its simple and efficient mechanism made of durable parts and its robust industrial grade balance ensure low maintenance, low cost of ownership and ultimately, a quick return on investment.last_img read more