Turkey Arrests 2 Spies for UAE in Investigation of Khashoggi Murder

Rabat – Turkish law enforcement have arrested two spies who have allegedly confessed to working for the United Arab Emirates, reported international media.Reuters reported that one of the two spies arrived in Turkey in October 2018 after Khashoggi was killed in Istanbul in the Saudi consulate.The other spy arrived “later to help his colleague.” An anonymous Turkish official said that authorities are investigating whether the spies’ arrival had any relation with the killing of Khashoggi. Police detained the spies on Monday and formally arrested them on Friday, according to AP.“It is possible that there was an attempt to collect information about Arabs, including political dissidents, living in Turkey,” said the official.Read also: Jamal Khashoggi’s Fiancee Demands EU Sanction Saudi ArabiaKhashoggi was killed on October 2, 2018, when he went to the Saudi consulate to get documents for his upcoming wedding.Turkish police never found Khashoggi’s body. Turkish police said that Khashoggi’s remains might have been dissolved in acid and poured down the drain of the Saudi consulate.In February, the New York Times cited US officials who spoke of a damning statement from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MBS. MBS had said he would use “a bullet” on Khashoggi, who wrote critically of the Saudi government, if he refused to come back to Saudi Arabia.The New York Times article said that “current and former American and foreign officials” relayed the conversation between Mohammed bin Salman and a top aide, Turki Aldakhil.The conversation, which was intercepted by American intelligence agencies, dated back to September 2017. read more

Numeric adventure from Arena Zagreb

Here is our numeric adventure from the first clash of the VELUX EHF Champions League between PPD Zagreb and FC Barcelona 23:25:7 minutes was enough for Spanish champions to broke the last PPD Zagreb lead 5:4 (12.) with series 5:0 to make 9:5 after 19 minutes of the match. Veselin Vujovic team was in minus until the end of the match since that moment…26 minutes of the match PPD Zagreb didn’t shot from the line-player position. Ilija Brozovic got the first ball and scored for 8:11….PPD Zagreb coach Veselin Vujovic took his second time-out after only 22 minutes of the match.Chance to put his team 6 goals ahead had Viran Morros in 38th minute, but Barca’s defensive specialist missed the counter-attack chance for 18:12…16 shots had PPD Zagreb right back Luka Stepancic against Danijel Šarić. He scored nine goals, with more than 50% efficiency…0/5 had PPD Zagreb hero from Kolding, left back Sandro Obranovic, against FC Barcelona. Dusko Celica shot 0/3, while Luka Šebetić had 0/2.100% efficiency in Zagreb Arena had Zlatko Horvat (5/5) and Ilija Brozovic (2/2) in host team, while Cedrik Sorhaindo (1/1) and Daniel Sarmiento (2/2) where the most precise among the winners.15.200 fans in Zagreb Arena are the new record holders of the VELUX EHF Champions League 2014/2015.15 from 23 PPD Zagreb goals have been scored by lefthander players Stepancic, Horvat and Vuglac.5 from 17 was shot of PPD Zagreb righthanded back players (Obranovic, Celica, Valcic and Mandalinic)3 last goals for FC Barcelona were scored by team captain Victor Tomas.9 from 11 Barca’s goals scored wing players Sigurdsson and Tomas.The first 2 minutes exclusion has been seen in 33th minute (Valcic). FC Barcelonappd zagreb ← Previous Story Barca beat Zagreb and 15.000 fans in Arena Next Story → Kielce in Skopje: 200.000 people have same dream… read more

Police officer knocked unconscious after stopping flag protesters

first_imgUpdated at 6pmA PSNI OFFICER was taken to hospital for treatment this evening after being knocked unconscious following a stand-off with loyalist demonstrators.An earlier parade — organised to mark one year since Belfast City Council’s vote restricting the number of days the union flag could be flown at City Hall — passed off peacefully, with around 1,000 people attending.The confrontation happened in its aftermath, as police blocked demonstrators at the junction of Tennant Street and Crumlin Road.  A 35-year-old man was arrested after the incident involving the police officer, the PSNI confirmed this evening.Turnout for today’s march was far less than had been expected by the organisers. The group ‘Loyalist Peaceful Protesters’ had applied to the Parades Commission for a march of up to 10,000 people, including some 40 bands.There was a breach of the Parades Commission ruling on the event by those participating — the march didn’t move off from its commencement point until around 1pm, but a large electronic notice had instructed the marchers that “moving off after 12pm is a breach of determination”.The PSNI said the incident would be investigated “using the extensive evidence gathering operation which was in place” and that offenders should “expect to face the consequences of their actions in due course”.Belfast City Council voted on 3 December last to limit the number of days the union flag was flown at City Hall, leading to several months of protests and demonstrations — some of which turned violent.Addressing the protests in his keynote speech at the DUP conference last weekend, party leader and Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson said most unionists had been disgusted by the violence that followed last December’s decision, and called the unrest “morally wrong” and “counter-productive”.Originally posted at 2.18pm.Read: ‘I don’t think it’s a good idea’: Adams against proposal to end Troubles prosecutionsAlso: Taoiseach: Proposal to end Troubles prosecutions ‘would be difficult for families’last_img read more