Covid-19: Together we can win

first_imgThe outbreak of the novel coronavirus has been nothing but blatantly alarming for society. Its ramification has been a scourge to the society and people are terror-struck by it. However, this article is not to talk about the numbers, data, possible outbreaks, and its impact across countries – we all know what’s happening, there’s enough being written on coronavirus from a ‘news’ standpoint. This article is primarily to divulge on how we need to undertake this together.This whole coronavirus outbreak has brought out the best as well as worst in us. It has distinctly made us anxious, fearful, and overstrung and has affected our mental health eminently. However, it is sad to see how the Covid-19 has made some of us so uncaring, inconsiderate and insensitive towards the elderly, needy and indigent people who are incapable to arrange the basic amenities that one needs for survival.However, on the other hand, there are people who have been benevolent enough towards humanity and cared for the people who are needy and afflicted by this virus, by providing them with basic amenities and also acting as a shield in order to protect them.“So what can we do at this moment?”Our personal stance towards addressing this pandemic is nothing but our independent comprehensions and aptitude towards approaching this problem. In all the ups and downs we’ve seen, we’ve come together not just to fight back but fight back to win and with our empathy and compassion, we have to tackle this problem. We need to think beyond the notion of ‘self’ and to work together as a country, a community – a family and as a world with a conviction that challenges are often not a test of success, but a test of humanity. We have to win this by coming together as one and addressing this together with precautions and humanity. Moreover, there are a lot of articles, stories and examples out there of how this pandemic is dehumanizing us, let us all be the examples of how we can respond this with the best of our humane behaviour.last_img read more