India and USA relationship

first_imgUSA as one of the oldest democracy and India is one of the largest democracy in the world . Both countries share common interest in counterterrorism , drug smuggling and human trafficking . Promotes peace progress and prosperity in the world .On trade side USA faces  trade deficit with India which is almost one tenth of China trade deficit .But president Donald Trump refers India as a tariff king removed GSP (generalized system of preference) also devoloping country status   so India cannot get GSP again visit.Recent visit of trump in February 2020 this was first visit to India after he became president . There was no big trade deal was signed between the two countries but Trump and Modi have good chemistry both are global leader .USA and Taliban deal in Afghanistan actually in last 2020 presidential election will be held in USA . Trump promised that I will remove all  in USA soldiers from  Afghanistan . He is following his promises but what about Afghanistan future what will happen to the women of Afghanistan taliban has very regressive rule against women like there should be no education for women . After  deal winners is the Taliban and losser people of Afghanistan . India has also invested in Afghanistan but after deal with whom Indian government will talk .On Paris climate Trump withdraw agreement on Paris climate . It show childish behaviour .  All countries need to collaborate on climate change .Us today is different it show America first policy on Trade and diplomacy India always faces sanctions on Iran . India cannot  buy  oil from Iran . India on 4th April 2020 ban import  of hcq and paracetamol medicine then  Trump use retaliate word against  India  .Lastly I would see Trump diplomacy is unpredictable today . He is a populist leader . Today he may say good about you but tomorrow may abuse you . He did this to many nations .last_img read more