Battle of Hettyweights: Goldside or Farag – Umphrey’s McGee Campaign Trail 2012

first_imgAngie BattFor almost fifteen years Umphrey’s McGee has been entertaining fans with their technical and improvisational music.  But this election year Umphrey’s McGee is offering more than just progressive rock to their fans–they’re offering a chance for change in 2012.  The band’s keyboardist, Joel Cummins, and one of the percussionists, Andy Farag, both announced their campaigns for presidency in today’s election earlier this fall.  Over the course of the campaign trail both candidates have relied on brutal smear campaigns to prove their points.  There is no doubt that Umphrey’s McGee is poking fun at American politics, but the Umphrey’s McGee campaign trail is more than just a silly gesture.  This campaign is encouraging their fans to go out and vote, to get involved in politics despite the flaws in the political system because it us up to Americans to make the change they want to see in this country.Here’s a great Umphrey’s McGee tune for election time:No matter how you fall it shouldn’t bother you at allIt could take more to overcome less in a dayno matter how you break you shouldn’t be the one to take your own opinions as they twist in their own waywhen all she wants is to be left off to the side and counted with the restall she wants is to be spared from voting for a candidate who doesn’t careThough many more have been provided when the only one decided is someone who’s left to waitand any promise worth fulfilling what when only one needs selling isn’t one to leave till lateNo matter how it’s read only so much can be said about subscribing to a point that has no groundNo matter how it feels your speculation isn’t real nothing can be gauged until it comes around And though the end may seem divided every story is two sided but it’s only yours you’ll knowand truth be told if you are willing then that promises fulfilling is what only time could show Total Voters: 18 Joel “Goldside” Cummins (33%, 6 Votes) Goldside/Farag (Split Ticket) (34%, 6 Votes) Andy Farag (33%, 6 Votes) Candidate Profiles & Campaign OverviewAndy FaragAndy Farag, neither conservative nor liberal, claims that if he is elected his administration would seek opportunity for all.  His campaign is based on the solid middle class values of hard work and individual responsibility, family, community and faith.  In Farag’s smear campaign against his opponent, Joel Cummins, Farag raises questions about Cummins’ tax returns and birth certificates.  These attack ads, funded by Americans for a Better America Yesterday, show Farag as a much better option for America’s president than someone who is old like Joel.  But how old is Andy Farag? Reliable biographical information of Farag is hard to find.  However, his supporters would still agree that regardless of his past Farag has what it takes to get America back on beat.Joel “Goldside” CumminsJoel Cummins believes that the American ideals of economic freedom and opportunity need a clear and unapologetic defense.  In his campaign Cummins claims that he will make that defense because he is living these American ideals.  While Cummins’ opponent, Andy Farag, questioned if Cummins is too old to be president, Cummins led a smear campaign against Farag.  Cummins’ supporters, Americans for Prosperity and Freedom but Mostly Prosperity, released commercials claiming that Farag supports the legalization of drugs and does not respect the American flag.  Cummins’ campaign gained many supporters who think that Joel Cummins has the keys to America’s future.Political Stunt and Not True!  Both Candidates Are Still RunningYesterday Umphrey’s McGee released a video of Farag and Cummins running into each other on the campaign trail.  After a few awkward moments Farag suggests that rather than throwing slanderous attack ads at each other, the two candidates should come together to change America.  And then it appeared that Ryan Stastik had put a hit out on the two, which we have confirmed through various sources was not true.  Watch for yourself:Umphreaks still need to unite and vote today.  Which candidate’s message spoke to you the most?Are you Farag or Goldside?Cast Your Vote!Are you for Joel “Goldside” Cummins or Andy Farag for President of Umph Nation? Loading …last_img read more