Inside the sci-fi world of growing human tissue and organs in the lab

first_img The fledgling veins and arteries are delicate in other ways, too: “We need to feed them vitamin C all the time, or they get scurvy,” Niklason said.The cells grow around a scaffold made of a synthetic polymer that disintegrates over the two-month incubation period. All the while, the cells are producing collagen, a sturdy substance that grows into a new, organic structure in the shape of a blood vessel.Growing a ‘stealth implant’At the end of the incubation, technicians wash away the cells, leaving just the lab-grown blood vessel. Niklason describes it as a “stealth implant” because it contains no foreign DNA that might prompt the patient’s body to reject it. Instead, the patient’s own cells wrap around the implant, filling in any gaps and strengthening the new vein or artery.These lab-grown blood vessels are currently being studied in hemodialysis, a procedure that uses implanted veins as a conduit to remove waste from the blood of patients with kidney failure. Last month, promising results from a 60-patient midstage trial of Humacyte’s product were published in The Lancet.Humacyte is now kicking off a Phase 3 study of its engineered vessels in 35 sites with 350 patients. It expects to submit data in 2018.As for the future of tissue engineering, Langer said some applications will be more practical than others.“Tissues that are more structural in nature will be easier to create than those that are more functional in nature,” Langer said. “I think we’ll see engineered skin, cartilage, and blood vessels on a commercial scale before we see things like the liver, pancreas, heart, or brain.”As the potential becomes more clear, Elisseef said she’s beginning to see more interest from regulators and doctors, as well as research scientists.“People are sniffing out that tissue engineering is at a unique stage,” Elisseef said. “You’re seeing a convergence of the science, clinical, regulatory, and manufacturing, all sort of combining and connecting together.” About the Author Reprints Related: Inside a North Carolina lab, row upon row of plastic bioreactor bags pulsate gently to the beat of an artificial heart. Within each bag, a lab-forged blood vessel slowly expands, feeding off a primordial cocktail of vitamins and proteins.The blood vessels start as individual cells, placed inside a sinewy scaffold. Weeks later, they’ve grown into full-fledged arteries and veins that surgeons can use for transplants.Welcome to the age of tissue engineering.advertisement For decades, scientists and doctors have been seeking a way to manufacture human tissue — including entire organs — in a lab, hoping to make grafts and transplants easier and safer than they are now. The goal has proved elusive, because it’s hard to replicate the complexity of human tissue outside the body. But those in the trenches say the industry could be on the verge of a breakthrough.“In the past two years, we’ve seen a real evolution in thinking — both in the science and in the practical aspect of tissue engineering,” said Jennifer Elisseef, the director of the Translational Tissue Engineering Center at Johns Hopkins University.advertisement Meghana Keshavan A dogged quest to fix broken spinal cords pays off with new hope for the paralyzed By Meghana Keshavan June 8, 2016 Reprints Name a tissue in the body, and you can be sure work’s being done — somewhere — to try and replicate it in the lab, said Robert Langer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a bioengineer who pioneered some of this work in the 1980s.Jennifer Lewis of Harvard University is using a 3-D bioprinter to layer a mix of cells, as if they were ink, in the form of blood vessels. Australia-based Mesoblast is developing lab-grown tissues, made from stem cells, that could be used for organ repair or new blood vessel formation. In San Diego, a startup called Organovo is trying to using 3-D printing to build livers and kidneys for transplant.And in North Carolina, a richly funded biotech startup called Humacyte — which has links to the ever-prolific entrepreneur Langer — is moving into late-stage clinical trials on artificial blood vessels.The work is still fraught with risks, both scientific and commercial.One cautionary tale: the San Diego startup Advanced BioHealing, which created a promising lab-grown replacement for human skin, to be used in wound care. Anticipating a billion-dollar market, the Irish drug giant Shire bought out Advanced BioHealing in 2011 for $750 million. But insurers such as Medicare were reluctant to cover the skin replacement. Three years later, Shire shed that unit at a loss. BiotechInside the sci-fi world of growing human tissue and organs in the lab Related: Privacy Policy @megkesh The dream of 3-D-printed organs rests on keeping cells alive. A new advance could help Biotech Correspondent Meghana covers biotech and contributes to The Readout newsletter. [email protected] Shawn Rocco/Duke Medicine Newsletters Sign up for Daily Recap A roundup of STAT’s top stories of the day. Please enter a valid email address. Leave this field empty if you’re human: “Tissue engineering has to mature a bit as a market,” said Keith Murphy, the CEO of Organovo. Pharma companies haven’t been rushing to invest in the field, in part because of flops like the skin replacement technology. But Murphy is optimistic: “The science is finally getting to the point where it’s becoming attractive to do these things.”A ‘barbaric’ procedureIt was a heart bypass surgery that first got Dr. Laura Niklason interested in growing human tissue.During her anesthesiology residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in the 1990s, Niklason stood by a patient’s bed and watched as surgeons hacked into his legs to find usable veins to replace the clogged arteries in his heart. When that failed, they looked in the patient’s arms, then his abdomen, where they finally found suitable blood vessels for grafting.“It really was a barbaric thing to watch, to be perfectly honest,” she said.“At the time, I remember thinking: We know a lot about how blood vessels grow, heal, and develop,” she said. “Why can’t we take that into the lab, and grow them for patients who need them?”Niklason began working on that problem in Langer’s lab. She founded Humacyte in 2004; Langer sits on the board of directors.Humacyte, which raised $150 million in venture funding last year, grows each graft individually in its own little plastic sack, which serves as a sort of womb for the vessel as it grows. Each bag’s connected to a central bioreactor tank that pumps out all the nutrients it needs — a carefully crafted “soup” of vitamins, amino acids, and chemicals called cytokines that feed cells directions about how they’re supposed to grow.“We set up a little miniature, simplified human body where we’ve got a pulse that mimics the beat of a heart,” Niklason said. After all, if these cells aren’t stretched in a way that mimics how arteries expand and contract every time a heart beats, then the resulting tissue will be too weak to function in the body. Tags organ transplantRobert Langertissue engineeringlast_img read more


first_img Mayme Gene Moore Bock, 94, of Orange passed away on Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at home, Clayton Thompson Funeral Home in Groves.Roosevelt Hodgson, 78, of Nederland passed away on Thursday, January 7, 2021 at The Medical Center of Southeast Texas, Clayton Thompson Funeral Home in Groves.Elias Hernandez, 86, of Port Arthur passed away on Thursday, January 7, 2021 at his home, Clayton Thompson Funeral Home in Groves.Jack Alden Bailey, 84, of Port Arthur, died Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Broussard’s, 505 North 12th Street, Nederland. Robert Marvin Roshto, 50, of Chester, died Sunday, January 3, 2021. Services pending with Broussard’s, Nederland.Tyrus Grady Floyd, Sr., 87, of Nederland, died Tuesday, January 5, 2020. Broussard’s, 505 North 12th Street, Nederland.Linda Newsom, 74, of Port Arthur, Texas died January 7, 2021. Services pending with Levingston Funeral Home – Groves. Next UpClarence Richards, 94, of Port Arthur, Texas died January 5, 2021. Services pending with Levingston Funeral Home – Groves.Mr. Clifton Ned Jr. 71 of Port Arthur, Texas Died January 6, 2021. Services pending with Hannah Funeral Home, Inc.Betty Follett, 76, of Nederland, Texas died January 6, 2021. Services pending with Levingston Funeral Home – Groves.center_img Brenda Jones, 80, of Kirbyville, died, Thursday, January 7, 2021. Arrangements are pending with  Melancon’s Funeral Home.Marilyn Ann Borel Guidry, 70, of Nederland, died, Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Arrangements are pending with  Melancon’s Funeral Home.Angelica Mandujano, 64, of Port Arthur, died, Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Arrangements are pending with  Melancon’s Funeral Home.Rosie Lee Collum, 94, of Houston, Texas, died January 7, 2021. Services pending with Levingston Funeral Home – Groves.Mr. Clonie Ambroise, Jr., 59, of Port Arthur died January 7, 2021. Services are pending with Hannah Funeral Home, Inc.last_img read more

Working with you, not against you

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first_img* 00.01 hours Saturday 16th July 2016 to 23.59 hours Sunday 17th July 2016. The new phase of action follows a series of rock-solid strikes across Scotland which have not produced any movement on the core issues at the heart of the dispute. RMT has pressed hard for serious talks through ACAS but progress has been blocked at every turn by the company. As a result, there is no option but to move forward with a new programme of industrial action.Despite a barrage of misinformation from Abellio/Scotrail the issue at the core of the dispute is safety and the safety-critical role of the guard.RMT’s policy is for no extension of DOO on any route or service and for the guard to be in full operational control of the power operated doors. Furthermore, RMT has made it clear that the union is totally opposed to any proposals for extending DOO, reducing or abolishing the safety role of the Conductor and reducing or abolishing the role of the Conductor in operation of the doors. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInRAIL UNION RMT today confirmed a fresh campaign of industrial action over the extension of Driver Only Operation and Driver Controlled operation on Scotrail.The revised programme of strike action is now as follows; * 00.01 hours to 23.59 hours Sunday 3rd July 2016 (as previously notified). * 00.01 hours to 23.59 hours Thursday 14th July 2016. * 00.01 hours Sunday 10th July 2016 and 23.59 hours Monday 11th July 2016. RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;“Despite a series of rock-solid strikes it is extraordinary that Abellio/Scotrail continue to ignore the strength of feeling amongst their staff over the extension of DOO. That disgraceful and cavalier approach to jobs and safety on Scotland’s railways now leaves us with no choice but to move to a new phase of industrial action.“Our members on Scotrail stand determined and united in this fight for jobs and safety on Scotland’s rail services.‎”The workforce know that any extension of DOO or DCO is a clear attack on our members hard earned terms and conditions. RMT members should not have to face the risk of their role and responsibilities being reduced and undermined.“The workforce also know only too well that there is a very real threat to passengers of watering down and wiping out the safety critical role of the guard on these Scotrail services. ‎That is a lethal gamble with basic rail safety.“The union remains available for serious and meaningful talks. ”last_img read more

10 Tips for Creating Accessible Content for Your Website

first_imgAt last month’s 3PlayMedia webinar on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Janet Sylvia, Web Accessibility Group Leader at the University of Georgia, gave an introduction to web accessibility and offered 10 tips for creating accessible web content. Here are my notes from her presentation.Use page titles, headings, and semantic structure on your pages. Use the title tag to provide a descriptive title for the page. All web web pages need an h1 which should be similar to the title tag.Sylvia recommends using the Web Accessibility Toolbar (Internet Explorer only) to evaluate page structure, headings, and table code. You can also use the Firefox Web Developer add-on or WAVE Evaluation Toolbar extension on Chrome.Use descriptive link text. Text used in links should make sense out of context. Avoid “Click here” and “Read more.”Include ALT text for non-text content. Alternative text provides a clear concise description that conveys function, meaning or purpose of the image.Create accessible documents. Ensure your PDF, Word, and Excel documents are accessible.Create accessible multimedia. For audio, include a text transcript. For video, include video description.For video with audio, include captions, text transcript, and a video description. Don’t auto-play video. Let the user be in control of sound.Auto-playing when a page loads can be annoying for all users, especially for screen reader users who navigate by listening. Ensure JavaScript is device-independent. Use an event handler that works with both the mouse and the keyboard.If using device dependent event handlers, test across browsers and assistive technologies (see WebAIM Accessible JavaScript article for more info. Ensure keyboard accessibility. Often overlooked, keyboard accessibility is easy to test.Unplug your mouse, and user your Tab and Enter keys to navigate a page. Make sure your site has sufficient color contrast. Have a high contrast color scheme between foreground and background colors.Tools to check color contrast include Colour Contrast Check by Jonathan Snook, Color Contrast Analyzer by The Paciello Group, and my favorite way to check colors, Check My Colours.Add an accessibility statement and contact information. Include information on whether your site complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and conforms to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.Include contact information (email and phone number) as well as details on when requests will be answered (within 24 hours or one business day). If you can design a website, you can design an accessible one.I liked the webinar because it focused on basic steps everyone involved with web content could follow. When we talk about making content accessible on the web, we can get too detail-oriented. Focusing on the basics will encourage people to build accessibility into the projects from the beginning.Do you have any tips to share on making web content accessible? Share your suggestions in the comments. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…Related10 Ways to Improve Accessibility on Websites and Social MediaWhen I chatted about accessibility with other attendees at WordCamp Denver 2018 this weekend, I shared some of my tips and blog posts on how they could improve accessibility on their websites. After one conversation, they thanked me for the recommendations, and asked if I had a summary post that…In “Accessibility”WordCamp Columbus: Accessibility RoundtableAt our WordCamp Columbus 2014 session today, my friend Jacki Keys and I will be talking about web accessibility, simple steps you can take to improve accessibility on your WordPress website, and some tools for testing your website’s accessibility. Here’s a few of the things we’ll discuss: The web is…In “Accessibility”Takeaways from Online WordPress Accessibility WorkshopAt this month’s full-day Online WordPress Accessibility Workshop hosted by Knowbility, Robert Jolly shared his experience and knowledge as he discussed the current status of WordPress accessibility and explained the accessibility features built-in to the popular content management system. In addition, Jolly offered practical advice and tips to content writers,…In “Accessibility”last_img read more

Men, united, can help stop abuse

first_img28 November 2007As South Africans are being called on to help stop violence against women and children in the country, two local organisations are striving to nurture a stronger and wiser generation of South African men.This year’s 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children Campaign was launched on Sunday, with several men’s marches taking place in cities throughout the country.The campaign challenges South African men to declare a truce on violence against women and children – and, ultimately, to make it a permanent one.Daniel Leshike and Dumisani Rebombo are already doing this. They are among a number of men who are leading men in the fight against gender violence on a daily basis.Men as PartnersAt the age of 15, Rebombo raped a girl along with a friend. “I did it as an act of masculinity,” admits the man who is now 46 years old. He married at a young age and went on to use religion to maintain superiority over his wife.“I insisted that she had to listen to everything I said because that was what God wanted,” he says.Rebombo is now completely reformed, a change which he attributes to education. As the EngenderHealth Men as Partners South African programme manager, he has worked with thousands of men from around the country over the past seven years.Addressing Parliament this month, Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka called on South African men to “take ownership” of the issue of violence perpetrated against women.The only way there can be a change in the behaviour of men in the country, Mlambo-Ngcuka said, is to increase their level of understanding of the issues around abuse against women and children.This is exactly what Rebombo does as he counsels men and facilitates workshops where men, young and old, are encouraged to change abusive social patterns to help reduce the abuse, rape and murder of women and children in their communities.“I started volunteering when I worked for Rand Water, and after leaving the company I decided to get more involved,” says Rebombo.Helping men to adaptDaniel Leshike (29), co-ordinator of the Agisanang Domestic Abuse Prevention and Training (Adapt) men’s programme, dedicated his social work career to empowering men in Alexandra, a township in Johannesburg, after training as a counsellor following his university years.Adapt facilitates a forum with a membership of around 26 men, aged from 16 upwards, who host a number of discussion groups in the community aimed at raising awareness of issues surrounding abuse, gender stereotypes and equality.“Our main objectives are to include men as part of the solution to gender-based violence and to empower men to take control of their lives,” says Leshike.Adapt trains forum members in trauma counselling and gender sensitivity and runs several parallel programmes with a youth division in order to promote good fathering in the Alexandra community.In a novel bid to break the silence surrounding abuse, Adapt has a formed a relationship with the Alexandra Liquor Traders Association, and forum members visit taverns regularly, creating impromptu discussions with patrons on topics related to gender violence.“Some men tell us that it is their culture to be in control or abuse a woman because ‘a woman is a woman’,” says Leshike. “But we tell them that in African culture a woman is a flower.”Good men – who remain silentWith over 7 000 men seeking assistance from his organisation annually, Rebombo believes his work is contributing to the eradication of gender violence in the country.He says there are many good men out there – “I believe, and research says so” – but that most of these men remain silent when abuse takes place.Leshike agrees, saying that there are men who would make good role models but they need to stand up and be heard in order to make a difference in the country.Both men agree that many challenges exist in South Africa regarding the education of men in the eradication of gender-based violence. Among these challenges are a lack of sufficient funding, the abundance of stereotypes, and misinterpretation of religion and culture.Most challenging of all in the battle being fought by counsellors such as these, however, is the reluctance of men to work with men – a battle that still needs to be won.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

EarthCam Live Streaming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#Events Guide#news#web Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img rick turoczy 1 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market In the United States, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – now in its 82nd year – is a traditional Thanksgiving morning activity. And while everybody loves a parade, few people love the so-called “witty repartee” of the anchors hosting the parade coverage. If only there were some way to see all of the inflated commercial icons and marching bands without having to suffer through commentary.Thankfully (pun intended), Webware is reporting that EarthCam may have the answer. Tomorrow, beginning around 9:30 AM Eastern time (GMT -5:00), the company will be streaming the Macy’s parade from seven live cams. Only one of those cameras will have audio – and it doesn’t appear that there will be any hosts to detract from your experience.This also provides an interesting opportunity for our non-US-based readers to get a glimpse into some of the strange goings-on of their American counterparts. No doubt, it will provide more insight into the US culture than we care to divulge.The video is Windows Media based, so if you’re on another platform, you’ll need to have the appropriate plugins installed prior to viewing. And another thing, this appears to be traditional traffic cam technology, so take the “streaming” description with a grain of salt. It gets pretty choppy on some of the views. To get an idea of what’s in store, you can view previous years’ parades, like this one from last year. To tune in, visit EarthWeb’s Thanksgiving 2008.(Thanks to the_wb for allowing us to use the balloon image under Creative Commons.)last_img read more

Twitter SEO: Ninja tricks for reputation repair

first_imgTwitter is one of my top slam-dunk assets for trying to displace negative content in search results. If your reputation has been harmed by some negative content that ranks when your name is searched, a strong Twitter account could be one of your primary resources for pushing the bad stuff lower on Google and Bing. Unfortunately, many individuals, small businesses and reputation agencies do a poor job of optimizing Twitter profiles to enable this to happen. Read on for my ninja-level tricks for Twitter SEO!When searching for the names of individuals and businesses in search engines, Twitter accounts can appear on page one of Google and Bing if they have been properly optimized. For example, a search for Coca-Cola shows the brand’s main Twitter account on page one in the second position, just below the corporation’s listing for their official website.In another example from Bing, if you search for Pepsi, you’ll find the official Twitter account of the brand appearing on page one for its name searches.It’s probably borderline unremarkable to report that a search for “Trump” in either Google or Bing brings up President Trump’s Twitter account listing within the top two or three positions in the search results. But if you search on Google for other big names, you will often find that their Twitter accounts are ranking high as well.In the example below, featuring the CEO of Tesla cars, Elon Musk, Google has evaluated his tweets to be so salient for his name search that a carousel of them are displayed in the search results, directly below his Twitter account listing. Twitter SEO: Ninja tricks for reputation repairYou are here: HomeDigital MarketingTwitter SEO: Ninja tricks for reputation repair Posted on 9th August 2017Digital Marketing FacebookshareTwittertweetGoogle+sharecenter_img Of course, these are astronomically popular Twitter accounts for celebrity individuals and strong brands with sophisticated social media management. However, even lesser-known names can achieve placement on page one in search engines. And, if you’re on page one, you then have a good chance of using your Twitter account to displace anything negative about you on the first page.But this can’t happen if the Twitter account is not properly optimized. So, I’ll launch straight into some ninja tricks for maximizing the ranking power of your Twitter profile.Optimize your Twitter handle!I’d count this as one of the two most influential and critical elements for your Twitter optimization effort. Your handle, also known as your username, is incorporated by Twitter into your profile URLs and page titles. It also can appear numerous times in the visible text of the profile, and in links and titles pointing from elsewhere to your page.To best optimize the handle for rankings of your name, you need to craft the handle to be spelled as closely as possible to the version of your name that people type in when searching for you. People who don’t understand search engines get this wrong all the time. Here are some tips on crafting good names:Again, imitate the version of your name that people use to search for you. (People often leave off words like “Inc.” and “Company” when searching.) The ideal naming convention is to spell out your name, leaving out any spaces. The closer you match your spelling, the more search engines are likely to evaluate the handle to be highly relevant for your searches (e.g., @chrissmith).If your ideal name configuration is unavailable, which is more likely the more common your name is, then you will have to craft a variation on it. Try to choose an abbreviation that’s as close to the original name as possible. The higher the degree of similarity, the more relevant the search engines will consider the name compared with your actual name. Craft a name that may look like yours if read rapidly, and then test it by using that name to search in Google. If Google automatically associates the alternate version with your website and other online identity materials, then chances are good that you’re on the right track.If your name is longer than the 15 characters allotted by Twitter — which happens ALL the time — you will obviously have to abbreviate it. Again, craft this abbreviated name carefully and test it in Google. For instance, if I tried to use my full name without spaces, it would be: @chrissilversmith. At 16 characters, it’s one character too long to be accepted by Twitter. Instead, I might choose to use @chrissilversmth or @chrissilvrsmith.People love to generate “cute” Twitter handles that may not even closely resemble their actual names, and they can still rank in search (if other factors and the popularity of the profile are sufficient). You can see my Twitter handle of “Si1very” for an example of this — by the time I joined Twitter, it was difficult to get precise matches for common combos of names like “Chris,” “Silver” and “Smith.” My Twitter profile is otherwise fairly well-optimized, so I can get away with this. But if you’re working hard to get your profile to rank well in Google, DO NOT USE CUTE TWITTER HANDLES that don’t closely match your name!Do not add emojis to your username. It may look fun, but the added characters could cause your name to appear to be a less relevant keyword match when people search for you online. If you want to experiment with this later on, after you’ve solved your reputation issues, go for it. But, it could otherwise be sand-bagging your efforts.It’s tempting to use underscores for multi-word names to take the place of spaces (e.g., @chris_silver). Avoid doing this because Google does not treat the underscore as a “white space” character like spaces, periods, dashes and so on. It’s unfortunate that Twitter does not allow one to use dashes. In rare cases where it may be the best option available, you may use the underscore, but be aware that it only provides a fuzzy match relevancy that can be very weak — so, you need to focus on shoring up all other factors to ensure the page ranks well for your name searches.Optimize your full nameIn addition to the Username field, Twitter provides a “Full Name” field (some people refer to it as a “headline”). The Full Name appears prominently at the top of your profile below your profile avatar pic, and also appears with your avatar icon on all of your tweets.The Full Name is quite important for a few reasons, including: 1) the name becomes incorporated into the profile page’s Title text, along with the username; 2) it’s displayed in larger text near the top of the page within an headline tag; and 3) it appears with all of your tweets, and this text is anchor text everywhere your tweets may appear, linking back directly to your profile page.So, the Full Name helps reinforce for search engines what your name is, and therefore what keyword sequence the page should be considered most relevant for. As with the Username field, one has limited characters to use, albeit it’s longer than the usernames, being 20 characters long, maximum.Make the Full Name imitate your actual name that people search on as closely as possible — hopefully the 20 characters are sufficient length to hold your full name. If not, you’ll need to abbreviate it in some way.Leave out nonessential words, and experiment by searching on the name variations to see how Google may evaluate the sequence — does Google already associate the name you craft with your existing online identify materials? If so, that’s a very good sign.Optimize the ‘Bio’ description fieldThis description field is yet another area for adding some keywords related to you. If your name is so long as to not be included in the Username and Full Name fields without abbreviating, definitely reiterate the full name in the Bio, at the beginning of the text field. Otherwise, the bio can allow you to include other combination keywords that can be valuable to your online identity and representation in the search results.The field should certainly describe succinctly who and what you are. But you could also include the name and Twitter handle of your company, if you’re an individual, or the name of the city where you’re located if you’re a local company. Any other keywords that may be mentioned in combination with your name in searches could also be included here. (Very oddly, I note that Twitter does not use the Meta Description tag on its profile pages — something that seems like a glaring missed opportunity from a search optimization perspective. If they used it, the bio text would seem a natural fit for all or a portion of that Meta Description. Hmph!)Fill in the Link URL and Location fieldsThese should be no-brainers, but they apparently aren’t, since some individuals and even businesses, will leave these blank. Filling in your Link field with your website URL can strengthen its rankings in search. Please be sure to use the proper, canonical URL for this.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]From our sponsors: Twitter SEO: Ninja tricks for reputation repair Related postsLytics now integrates with Google Marketing Platform to enable customer data-informed campaigns14th December 2019The California Consumer Privacy Act goes live in a few short weeks — Are you ready?14th December 2019ML 2019121313th December 2019Global email benchmark report finds email isn’t dead – it’s essential13th December 20192019 benchmark report: brand vs. non-brand traffic in Google Shopping12th December 2019Keep your LinkedIn advertising strategy focused in 202012th December 2019last_img read more

11 days ago​Vlatko Andonovski poised to become new coach of US women’s team

first_img​Vlatko Andonovski poised to become new coach of US women’s teamby Ian Ferris11 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveVlatko Andonovski is set to become the new head coach of the United States women’s football team.The 43-year-old is currently in charge of National Women’s Soccer League side Reign FC in Seattle.Previous head coach Jill Ellis took charge of her final game on 6 October, having won two World Cups with the US. TagsMLS NewsAbout the authorIan FerrisShare the loveHave your saylast_img

Nisshin Shipping In for Up to Seven Panamaxes

first_imgzoom Japanese shipping company Nisshin Shipping has been linked to an order for up to seven 82,000 DWT bulkers at China’s Jiangsu Hantong Ship Heavy Industries.The fleet modernization deal, dated last week, comprises five firm orders plus two options, according to the data provided by VesselsValue.The firm Panamax bulkers, valued at USD 24 million a piece, are scheduled for delivery in 2018, while the optional units would be handed over in 2019.Including the latest order, the company has 16 newbuilds on order: five chemical tankers at compatriot Usuki Zosensho, four LR1 tankers at Korea’s Sungdong Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, and two more bulkers at China’s Jiangsu Hantong and Jiangmen Nanyang, respectively.Out of the above total, six ships are to join Nisshin’s fleet by the end of this year.As World Maritime News reported earlier, the company was busy over the recent period shedding some of its second-hand tonnage, including five Panamax bulkers since December 2016.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more