Bee keepers urged to cooperate with co-operative society

first_imgLennox Fagan President of the Dominica Bee-keepers Co-operative Society Limited, Lennox Fagan, has called on his members to cooperate with the society in its quest to keep proper record of the amount of honey leaving the country.During a recent bee keeper’s workshop Fagan admitted that record keeping was not one of the organization’s “strong areas”.“In Dominica you find persons are not forth coming with information, to them everybody guarding their little secret they don’t want you to know how much they making, so it’s not easy to come up with a figure to tell you off the bat how much they make. We have been asking people to cooperate so at least we will now how much were making, but information on keeping record and those kinds of things is not one you find people give up, so it’s not easy to say how much we export”.He also noted that people leaving the island with honey should also be recorded.“A lot of times you find people come in and they leave with a lot of honey but because there is no record it’s difficult to know how much honey leaves the country,” he continued.Fagan went on to appeal to persons to cease from the importation of honey and honey bee.“There are a lot of bees to sustain the industry and we want to discourage the importation of bees and used bee materials into Dominica. Sometime ago we had no Varroa Mites and because of we importing queen bees somebody must have brought in some bees and as a result we have Varroa Mites with us now. The more we can grow our industry and depend less on the importation of honey I think it will be safer for us as a people in Dominica”.Varroa Mites are external honeybee parasites that attack both the adults and the brood, with a distinct preference for drone brood.They suck the blood from both the adults and the developing brood, weakening and shortening the life span of the ones on which they feed.Despite these challenges however, Fagan described the bee industry as a “profitable one”.“I don’t want to sound too excited about it but it’s a very lucrative business and Dominica being an agricultural country you cannot go wrong with having bees. They do a lot of pollinating of the crops. So you find although we are the ones with the bees the farmers are also benefiting so I think it’s a win, win situation for both the bee keeper and the farmer,” Fagan noted. Dominica Vibes News Share Sharing is caring! 87 Views   no discussions Tweetcenter_img LocalNews Bee keepers urged to cooperate with co-operative society by: – July 30, 2012 Share Sharelast_img read more