Valley Company Receives Environmental Approval

first_imgENVIRONMENT/LABOUR–Valley Company Receives EnvironmentalApproval The Department of Environment and Labour today, Sept. 19,approved an application from Lawson Bennett Trucking Ltd. toexpand an existing sand and gravel operation in Cambridge, KingsCo. Under terms of the approval the company will have to create acommunity liaison committee, establish a treed buffer at thenorthern edge of the property, and develop surface andgroundwater monitoring programs, among other conditions. In addition to the conditions established through the approval,the company has committed to what is called a progressiverehabilitation program. Sand and gravel will be excavated fromthe site in about three- to four-hectare pieces, meaning onlysmall parts of the 38-hectare site will be disturbed at any onetime. As work in each section is complete, the land will bereclaimed to protect against erosion, control sediment andimprove site aesthetics. The complete environmental assessment approval, including thecompany’s original application, will be available on theDepartment of Environment and Labour Web site, . Formed in 1989, the Environmental Assessment Branch isresponsible for assessing major projects to identify, correct, orprevent adverse environmental impacts. A guide to theenvironmental assessment process is also available on thedepartment’s Web site.last_img read more