Christian Schwarzer Im worried about the future of German handball

← Previous Story Romania (Round 8): Derby draw in Constanta Next Story → Vardar Skopje coach resigns Christian SchwarzerGerman handball Florian Kehrmann and Christian Schwarzer, the two former national team player’s of Germany, in the time when Germany enjoyed it’s biggest successes, openly said to the media that they are worried about the future of the german handball. The worries come after the disappointing draw at home against Austria (26:26),  and even though Germany then beat Latvia away with 36:18, the criticism remained.The 318-times national team player Schwarzer also added that the younger players in the first and second German league should be given more playing time and only then the newer generations can again make Germany top team. Otherwise he noted, Germany will continue to have problems with ‘mediocre’ teams. read more