Child removed then returned to Roma family in Athlone

first_imgUpdated 22:54A CHILD HAS been removed, and since returned, to a Roma family in the Athlone.Gardaí have confirmed that a two-year-old boy was taken from his parents under childcare legislation last night and placed in HSE care.Enquiries were carried out regarding the toddler’s identity, and he was returned to his family’s care this morning.A garda spokesperson said that officers were satisfied that the child was back with his real family, and confirmed that no further enquiries were taking place in relation to the case.Speaking on RTÉ’s News at One, the father of the child in question said that gardaí had called to the family home early yesterday evening.The father said he was asked questions about the child’s appearance. Concerns had been raised over the toddler’s identity, as he has fair hair and features, in contrast with the rest of the family.The father said that he had a grandparent who also had fair hair.The family co-operated fully with gardaí when told the child would be taken into care for the night while his identity was confirmed, and the father was informed this morning he could pick his son up from a local centre.Tallaght caseThe news comes just 48 hours after a seven-year-old girl was taken from a Roma family in Tallaght. DNA tests are currently being carried out to determine the identity of the girl in the Dublin case.Described as a seven-year-old with blonde hair and blue eyes, the girl was removed from the address by gardaí using the powers granted under the Child Care Act.Last week, a young girl, named Maria, was discovered in a Roma camp in the central town of Farsala, Greece.That case has prompted a global reaction with thousands of calls being made to a Greek charity about Maria’s possible origins.Pavee Point, which represents the Traveller and Roma communities in Ireland, has said that whatever the explanation for the Irish children being taken into care “this reaction needs examining”.The group says it’s “very hard to know what’s going on in this hysteria”.This article was originally posted at 11.59am.Related: DNA tests being carried out on girl found living with Roma familylast_img read more

The Sun criticised for irresponsible front page of boy with devil mark

first_img Source: Sarah Wollaston MP/Twitter THIS FRONT PAGE from The Sun in the UK has come under fire today, with many commentators accusing the newspaper of going on a witch hunt. Source: Lee ‘Budgie’ Barnett/Twitter There has been an angry backlash on Twitter for what has been described as “irresponsible reporting” with many pointing out that it should not have printed the boy’s face on the cover of the national publication. (Note: The blurring in the photo above was done by number of MPs have also got involved in the fight. Conservative MP Sarah Wollasto is also a GP. She tweeted: V good point. The Sun’s front page is even more irresponsible when you think of Victoria Climbié. (via @ns_media )— Beloved Internet Personality (@Glinner) July 29, 2014 Very nicely done. RT @JamieDMJ: Getting a medieval vibe from today’s front page of The Sun.— Lee ‘Budgie’ Barnett (@budgie) July 29, 2014center_img [email protected] should pull their damaging front page story with photo of a child. He does not carry ‘mark of devil’ he is a real child!— Sarah Wollaston MP (@sarahwollaston) July 28, 2014 Source: Graham Linehan/Twitter She also told the Huffington Post that she would be reporting the item to the Press Complaints Commission.It is a completely outrageous headline, and to link that with an identifiable picture of a child is wholly inappropriate on every level.“This is absolutely not lighthearted. What possible justification can there be for including this child’s face, or for saying this child is marked by the devil? It is the most irresponsible piece of journalism I have seen for a long time.”Meanwhile, writer Graham Linehan also exclaimed that “Leveson did not happen”. He also referenced the Victoria Climbié abuse case, as referenced by the New Statesman. Victoria Climbié was an eight-year-old girl, living in London, who was tortured and murdered by her guardians who cited fear of Satan in court as a reason for beating the young girl.In the piece, the boy’s mother says she and her fiancée are mystified as to how the mark appeared on her four-year-old son. A close-up of the skin appears to show two circles and two lines creating a burn-like mark. The boy’s injury has since healed.Many people on Twitter believe it to be a burn from a hairdryer but the pair said looking at the mark made them think “something unnatural had visited my boy”. “Something or someone made the sign on him but we just can’t explain how.”She also likened it to something that would happen in a Sci-Fi movie and admitted that she had contacted a US website which claims to specialise in alien abductions.A statement from The Sun following the controversy said the story had already been publicised by the boy’s parents through Facebook.“We sought to treat it in a lighthearted fashion, highlighting the apparently fanciful link to the occult.“We are conscious of the code and guidance around paying parents. We did not encourage the parents to embellish or expand the story; it came to us, and had already been the subject of discussion (raised by the parents) on social media.“It’s also worth noting that no concerns were expressed about the child’s welfare. An unusual mark appears, the mother gets it checked out by a doctor who confirms there is no medical reason why it should be there, and discharges her. Social workers are not involved.”The report does not make the front page of the Irish Sun but the story does appear on page 19. RTÉ apologises for ‘confusion caused’ by Gaza woman footage‘From time to time, we screw up’: Sky News reporter on picking up MH17 luggagelast_img read more