Apple awarded patent for solarpowered Macbook

first_imgAPPLE’S NEXT MACBOOK could be able to partially charge itself using only solar panels if the company ever follows up on a new patent.The company was awarded 31 patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office this week, one of which is a patent called “Electronic device display module” which describers a two-sided display for the lid of a laptop.While the traditional LCD screen would be placed at the front of the lid, the back will be transparent and would allow light to pass through.The proposed patent from Apple (Image: US Patent and Trademark Office)The cover, made out of electrochromic glass or “smart glass”, would change from transparent to translucent and control the amount of light (and heat) it sends out. The light may be used to illuminate a logo which would be made from a different material to the rear cover.The patent says that the top plate of the laptop would have solar cells located between the smart glass and the LCD screen. You can then adjust the smart glass to allow light to transmit to the solar cells and charge your laptop’s battery.Other aspects of the patent include the cover being touch-sensitive, allowing people to use it while the lid is closed. The device would also be cellular, meaning it could transmit and receive cellular telephone signals.Of the 31 patents recently published by the US Patents office, all were originally filed by Apple back in August 2010.Read: ‘Wearable’ book lets you experience characters’ emotions while reading >Read: 48 hours with no technology or electricity, could you hack it? >last_img read more