Maldivians in Sri Lanka vote in Parliamentary polls

The Maldives media reported that 501 ballot boxes have been placed across the Maldives for the election.Polls opened at 8am Maldives time and closes at 4pm Saturday afternoon. Vote counting will begin an hour after ballot boxes are sealed, the Maldives Elections Commission said, according to Maldives media.. Maldivians based in Sri Lanka voted today to elect members to the Maldives Parliament.Ballot boxes were placed at the Maldives Embassy in Colombo for the large Maldivian community in Sri Lanka to vote. A total of 386 candidates are contesting for 87 seats in the Maldives Parliament. The battle for a majority in Parliament is between Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s coalition led by the Maldivian Democratic Party and former strongman Yameen Abdul Gayoom. Provisional results will be announced within two days and official results will be announced at the latest on April 12.Maldivians based overseas have been given the opportunity to vote at polling stations in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and in the United Kingdom. read more