Moroccan Cinematographic Center to Renovate Four Movie Theaters

Rabat – Moroccan Cinematographic Center allocates 4.8 million Dirhams to Movie Theater Renovation.The Committee for the Support of the Digitization Modernization and the Establishment of Movie Theaters gathered on July 5 to discuss budgetary needs of movie theatres in Morocco. After deliberation, the committee decided to allocate 4.8 million dirhams for the restoration and renovation of four movie theatres across the country.The movie theaters that will receive these funds are: Le Colisée Cinéma in Marrakech, l’Eden Club A and B in Casablanca, and El Kifah Cinema in Rabat. The Committee allocated 1.8 million dirhams towards the renovation of Le Colisée Cinéma; l’Eden Club A and B received a total of 1.5 million dirhams, and the remaining 1.46 million was assigned to El Kifah Cinema.This budgetary allocation is a part of an initiative for renovation and restoration that the Moroccan Cinematographic Center’s Administrative Council (CCM) began in 2004. In addition to restoring theaters, the CCM has digitalized 70 documentaries, 20 feature films and 150 news reports.Although these grants only covers approximately 50 percent of the overall cost required to renovate these spaces, they are an important step towards to the revival of the outdated movie theaters. read more