Norfolk County resident loses 140k to virus scam

Norfolk County OPP are reminding the public not to grant access to their computers to anyone they haven’t contacted first after an area resident lost close to $140,000 in what is known as the “virus scam.”Police say the resident received a pop-up alert on his computer on Jan. 31, 2017, saying there were issues with his computer’s antivirus software.The resident clicked on the message, followed prompts he received and signed a form indicating repairs on the computer had been completed, police said.The man also exchanged several other emails with the scammers between January 2017 and March 2019, granting further access to the computer, police said.It wasn’t until the resident reviewed his statements that he realized his line of credit had been accessed, police said, with scammers stealing close to $140,000 from the victim’s account by the time the fraud had been discovered.This is the second reported case in the last few days In Norfolk County of a person falling victim to the virus scam, police said.  Another resident lost thousands of dollars after granting access to their computer to a caller who said their device had a virus.In that case, the scammer stole the resident’s financial accounts and passwords and convinced them to buy close to $7,000 in Google Play cards, police said.“Computer users are reminded that, unless you initiate the call, do not allow anyone access to your computer. Don’t give out personal, banking or credit card information to anyone unless you are sure of whom you are dealing with,” police said in a statement.TIPS TO PROTECT YOURSELF ONLINEDon’t download anti-virus software from a pop-up or link sent by e-mail Update anti-virus software often and scan your computer for viruses regularly Don’t click on links or attachments in e-mails from senders you don’t know Turn on your browser’s pop-up blocking feature Never click on a pop up that says your computer has a virus read more

Christian Schwarzer Im worried about the future of German handball

← Previous Story Romania (Round 8): Derby draw in Constanta Next Story → Vardar Skopje coach resigns Christian SchwarzerGerman handball Florian Kehrmann and Christian Schwarzer, the two former national team player’s of Germany, in the time when Germany enjoyed it’s biggest successes, openly said to the media that they are worried about the future of the german handball. The worries come after the disappointing draw at home against Austria (26:26),  and even though Germany then beat Latvia away with 36:18, the criticism remained.The 318-times national team player Schwarzer also added that the younger players in the first and second German league should be given more playing time and only then the newer generations can again make Germany top team. Otherwise he noted, Germany will continue to have problems with ‘mediocre’ teams. read more